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Teatime for the Firefly – Shona Patel

Historical Fiction 4*'s
Historical Fiction

Having been born under an inauspicious horoscope Layla is sure her future lies in taking over from her beloved Dadamoshai, her Grandfather, at the English school. One day a visitor opens her eyes to a different life within a changing India. The drive for independence from British rule is gathering momentum and combined with the Second World War this means that life will never be quite the same again.

I really enjoyed this gentle and thoughtful book with some delightful characters who bring this historical novel to life. Learning what the war meant to Indians was a revelation; I didn’t realise that food was rationed there too. Inevitably given the setting in the tea gardens of Assam there was lots to absorb about how this famous tea was planted, pruned and harvested along with the management and rituals employed by the English managers with their own customs to uphold.

To be honest I was unsure whether I had chosen a book that I wouldn’t be able to finish not being a great lover of boy meets girl novels but turning the first page I immediately knew that this book was so much more than the romance.
I have to admit I was becoming a little worried about how this book was going to end but it managed a dramatic conclusion after the tender beginning.

If like me you are drawn by the beautiful book cover then rest assured this is one book that can be judged by it.If you like a book with a difference, love historical novels, reading about different cultures and meeting some fantastic characters I’m sure you will enjoy this book which is due to be published 24 September 2013
I was lucky enough to receive a copy of this book from the publisher in return for my honest review.


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