About Cleopatra Loves Books

GuiltyFor as long as I can remember I have loved reading. In the long ago days of the 1970’s my mother could leave me in the library while she shopped safe in the knowledge that I wouldn’t even miss her. I am passionate about children having a broad selection of books to choose from both at home and school.

So why the blog? Well…. I first started capturing all the book titles I’d read using Amazon’s Listmania as an aide-memoire, this progressed to reviewing those books I’d particularly enjoyed (or hated) and then I was invited to join Amazon Vine in 2011 which prompted authors and publishers to contact me for reviews so I decided to spread my wings and put all the information onto this blog.

I love reviewing it is my way of offering my opinion on books I have read. I want others to have that magical feeling when they find a book they will love as I know how much other people’s reviews help me to find great books to enjoy and the book blogging community is fantastic so here are some of my forays onto other blogs…

My Interview with The Book Trail Book Blog can be read here

Blogger interview with Blonde Writer More can be read here

Interview Blonde Writer More


To read ‘What Got You Hooked on a Life of Crime, Cleo Bannister’ by the lovely Marina Sofia click on the link here or click on my picture below.



If you really want to know some random things about me click on the awards below:

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For convenience I have sorted my pages so that the complete list of reviews are catalogued A-Z by author names as well as by books read in a particular year.

A-L  &  M-Z

2016 Book Reviews

2015 Book Reviews

2014 Book Reviews

2013 Book Reviews

If you wish to do so you can email me at cleopatralovesbooks70@gmail.com or view my amazon reviews Amazon Logo

or follow my on Twitter @cleo_bannister

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I’m not addicted to reading – I can stop after one last chapter!

90 thoughts on “About Cleopatra Loves Books

  1. I am so happy to discover your blog ! I’ve been following “Mrs Bannister” for a few months on Amazon as she seemed to have the same literary tastes as I have. On the other hand, I’ve recently read an interesting review by “Cleopatra Loves Books”, so I decided to check on the Internet what kind of blog it was… and I realise that it’s the same person. Many hours of pleasure ahead following your advice… Thanks a lot for your reviews !

  2. It’s nice to see a review of “The Sewing Machine,” and the history of the 1911 Singer strike. II didn’t know about it, and I’d like to read about it.
    It rings a bell with me because my grandmother was a “shirtwaist maker” in 1911 in New York City. In fact, she worked at the Triangle factory, scene of the horrible fire on March 25, 1911, in which 146 workers, mainly young immigrant women and girls, died. My grandmother did not go to work on the day of the fire due to illness.
    I wonder if her factory used the Singer sewing machines.
    I’ll look for this book.

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