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Night Music – Jojo Moyes

Contemporary Fiction 4*'s
Contemporary Fiction

Isabel Delancey’s husband Laurent is killed in a car crash and for the first time in her life she has to provide both emotionally and financially for their two children, the teenage Kitty and her younger brother Thierry. After a visit from the lawyer Isabel realises that she is going to have to move house.

Meanwhile in Norfolk a house becomes vacant at just the right time and Isabel moves her family from London to the depths of the country and a derelict house. Matt and Laura McCarthy are her neighbours but what the unworldly Isobel doesn’t realise is that they have wanted the house for years. The reader can easily predict that the McCarthy’s are not going to take the loss of the house without a fight and sure enough their twisted sense of ownership leads to some serious unpleasantness, however their teenage son is more interested in getting to know Kitty.

As the renovations start on the dilapidated Spanish House Isabel faces one crisis after another but slowly we witness Isabel’s slow realisation that she has to behave like an adult and actually start looking after her children. Thierry who hasn’t spoken since his father died needs help and Kitty is too young to be expected to look after both her mother and brother. At night Isabel plays her beloved violin whilst accepting that she can’t jet off round the world performing as she used to.

Out of all the Jojo Moyes books I’ve read this falls most firmly into the chick-lit category with the beautiful and talented Isabel ripe for that knight in shining armour, however, the plot had sufficient unexpected twists to keep my interest and that was coupled with the author’s trademark interesting, but on the right side of believable, characters. The author takes so much care over her minor characters so that I felt that I knew so many of the villagers; I could visualise the village shop presided over by the gossipy sweet gay men.

This really is perfect holiday reading with the book moving along at a good pace with different strands of the story coming to a satisfactory conclusion although I don’t think this has the depth of her more recent novels.

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9 thoughts on “Night Music – Jojo Moyes

  1. Cleo – I’ll confess I’m not much of a one for chick-lit. But I’m glad you enjoyed this one, and it does sound as though there is some solid suspense in it.


  2. I can’t wait for the rest of Jojo’s books to make it to the states. Sometime chick lit is just the right thing to read and this sounds good!


  3. I didn’t know she wrote so many books. I had just read one. I think for most people, challenges make them grow up a little more. I certainly did.


  4. JoJo Moyes is a writer I keep meaning to try – I heard good things about Me Before You, which I see you have also reviewed. Which of hers would you recommend most to a first-timer?


    1. My favourite is The Girl You Left Behind which deals with the issue of stolen art during WWII. There is a strand set in France during the occupation, and one in the present. The great thing about Jojo Moyes is that every one of her books are different so there is something for everyone. Me Before You had me sobbing, as did The One Plus One, so stock up on hankies before you buy.


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