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WWW Wednesday (August 27)

WWW Wednesday green

Hosted by Miz B at Should be Reading
To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…
• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?

I am currently reading The Secret Place by Tana French a brilliant mystery which is the fifth in the Dublin Murder Squad series.

The Secret Place


The photo shows a boy who was murdered a year ago.
The caption says, ‘I KNOW WHO KILLED HIM’.
Detective Stephen Moran hasn’t seen Holly Mackey since she was a nine-year-old witness to the events of Faithful Place. Now she’s sixteen and she’s shown up outside his squad room, with a photograph and a story.
Even in her exclusive boarding school, in the graceful golden world that Stephen has always longed for, bad things happen and people have secrets. The previous year, Christopher Harper, from the neighbouring boys’ school, was found murdered on the grounds. And today, in the Secret Place – the school noticeboard where girls can pin up their secrets anonymously – Holly found the card.
Solving this case could take Stephen onto the Murder squad. But to get it solved, he will have to work with Detective Antoinette Conway – tough, prickly, an outsider, everything Stephen doesn’t want in a partner. And he will have to find a way into the strange, charged, mysterious world that Holly and her three closest friends inhabit and disentangle the truth from their knot of secrets, even as he starts to suspect that the truth might be something he doesn’t want to hear. NetGalley

I have just finished reading Fall From Grace by Tim Weaver, the fifth in the David Raker series, a clever read that has sealed this author as one of my ‘must-read’ all of his books list!

Click on the cover to read my review

Crime Fiction 5*'s
Crime Fiction

Next I am going to read The Sea Garden by Deborah Lawrenson

The Sea Garden


Present day. On a lush Mediterranean island off the French coast, Ellie has accepted a commission to restore an abandoned garden. It seems idyllic, but the longer Ellie spends at the house and garden, the more she senses darkness, and a lingering evil that seems to haunt her.
Second World War. Two very different women have their lives irrevocably changed: Iris, a junior intelligence officer in London and Marthe, a blind girl who works in the lavender fields of Provence and is slowly drawn into the heart of the Resistance. As secret messages are passed in scent and planes land by moonlight, danger comes ever closer…Amazon

What are you reading this week? Please share your books in the comments section.


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25 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday (August 27)

  1. Ok ….I am currently reading ( and enjoying ) Smoke Rising by Mahesh Rao , I just finished Under The Tripoli Sky bu Kemal Ben Hameda. Next is hard to say , but maybe Memoirs Of An Infantry Office by Siegfried Sassoon.


  2. Hi Cleo – ooh that Tana French one sounds good – looking forward to your review on that. And the Deborah Lawrenson also sounds very good – loved The Lantern! Might have to get that one now…you’re making me buy books! (thanks hehe)


  3. Oh, Cleo, The Sea Garden sounds very interesting! I love the historical aspect of it too. And I’m really looking forward to your full-on review of the French. I like her work very much.


  4. Oooh you’re reading The Secret Place! Have you read Tana French’s other books in the series? I’m debating whether or not I should read them before The Secret Place or if The Secret Place is enough of a standalone that I don’t need to right now. What do you think?

    Also, The Sea Garden looks and sounds amazing!

    Happy reading! 😀


    1. I’ve read them all and because the series is loosely linked in that one character from the previous book links to the next book, they can all be read as standalones. If you want to start with The Secret Place (which is fab) you won’t be missing anything.


  5. I need to start the Tana French series! I have the first book. I’m a stickler for reading series books in order so have a way to go before I get to the one you are reading. Hope you continue to enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  6. I do hope you enjoy the Tana French, although this is a series there are no story arcs because only one character from the previous book carried onto the next book but you are in for a treat with five fantastic reads all quite different to each other.


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