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WWW Wednesday (November 13)

WWW Wednesday green

Hosted by Miz B at Should be Reading
To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…
• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?

I am currently reading two books

The Medea Complex by Rachel Florence Roberts

The Medea Complex

I’ve posted quite a lot about this book over the last couple of days so by way of an update I’m still loving it!

And Love Nina by Nina Stibbe

Love Nina


In the 1980s Nina Stibbe wrote letters home to her sister in Leicester describing her trials and triumphs as a nanny to a London family. There’s a cat nobody likes, a visiting dog called Ted Hughes (Ted for short) and suppertime visits from a local playwright. Not to mention the two boys, their favourite football teams, and rude words, a very broad-minded mother and assorted nice chairs. From the mystery of the unpaid milk bill and the avoidance of nuclear war to mealtime discussions on pie filler, the greats of English literature, swearing in German and sexually transmitted diseases, Love, Nina is a wonderful celebration of bad food, good company and the relative merits of Thomas Hardy and Enid Blyton.  Netgalley

This book of letters is easy to dip in and out of so I am expanding my ability to read two books at once!  Love Nina was published on 7 November by Penguin Books

Link to Love Nina Amazon UK

I have just finished Imago by Celina Grace the third in the Kate Redman series.

Click on the book cover to read my review


Next in line for a read is Water’s Edge by Jane Riddell

Water's Edge

When Madalena invites her four children to Switzerland for a family gathering, she isn’t prepared for the excess baggage of their lives they bring along – secrets they are compelled to keep and those that must be divulged; the compromises they make, and, ultimately, what can and can’t be resolved – for Madalena, too, has things about her past that she would prefer not to reveal.
Set against a backdrop of mountains and lakes, Water’s Edge is a tapestry of love, lies and family. Amazon

Link to Water’s Edge Amazon UK


A book lover who clearly has issues as obsessed with crime despite leading a respectable life

16 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday (November 13)

      1. I don’t think I could actively read more than one book. I have suffered from Mom Brain long before having kids and it only gets worse. lol

        Good luck to you! I am sure you can do it.


  1. Water’s Edge sound like my kind of book. Thanks for the nominate of my on your one lovely Blog award.


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