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The Doll’s House – Tania Carver

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Well finally it is time to post my last review from my holiday reads.

The Doll’s House is the fifth in the Brennan and Esposito series. After the shock ending of the last book Marina Esposito is now working at the university in Birmingham and DI Phil Brennan has joined the police there. A new start with baby Josephine… what could go wrong?

Well… Phil quickly gets involved in the most strange of murder investigations after a woman is found dead, strangely she is dressed as a doll and sat as if she was drinking a cup of tea at a doll’s tea party.

Tania Carver raises the tension swiftly and it never lets up throughout the book. With a dual narrative giving the reader insight into the killer’s mind this book is nothing short of shocking. Although this isn’t the first time dual narrative has been used in a crime novel in this book it soon becomes apparent that everything may not be quite as it first seems. The reader can work alongside the police trying to guess the motive of this most gruesome of murders.

Living in a new location both Brennan and Esposito have new colleagues to meet and new bonds to make, for Phil this isn’t going to be straightforward with a certain level of resentment surrounding his new role. Marina is also finding her feet with her university colleagues when strange things begin to happen.

As with the previous books in this series the author doesn’t hold back on gore, this is not reading for the faint-hearted, however if you are feeling brave this is a really good read and I for one am looking forward to the next in the series.

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Previous books in the series

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The Creeper


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10 thoughts on “The Doll’s House – Tania Carver

  1. I read the first of these and really quite enjoyed it, so I’m not sure why I haven’t gone back to them. Perhaps I should have a word with the library and see if I can arrange copies of them all for over Christmas and have a real catch-up.


    1. Oh what a lovely way to spend Christmas… I have enjoyed them all (except Cage of Bones which I just found too much but that could have been my mood when reading it), she really does manage a special twist on murderous humans!


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