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First Chapter ~ First Paragraph (March 14)

First Chapter
Welcome to another Tuesday celebrating bookish events, from Tuesday/First Chapter/Intros, hosted by Bibliophile by the Sea Every Tuesday, Diane at Bibliophile by the Sea posts the opening paragraph (sometime two) of a book she decided to read based on the opening. Feel free to grab the banner and play along.

My opener this week comes from The Special Girls by Isabelle Grey the third in the DI Grace Fisher series which will be published on 6 April 2017.


A young psychiatric registrar is found beaten to death in woods close to a summer camp for young patients suffering from eating disorders. It is run by the charismatic, world-renowned Professor Ned Chesham. DI Grace Fisher investigates, but it is not long before she is pulled from the case – to head up a Metropolitan Police review into a cold case involving Chesham himself.

Nearly twenty years ago, one of Chesham’s patients made allegations that he sexually assaulted her. The investigation at the time found no conclusive proof, but Grace soon discovers another victim, and a witness whose shocking account never reached the police. Does this mean the original investigation was wrapped up too soon? Scotland Yard would certainly prefer Grace to make it all go away.

As Grace uncovers the secrets and lies that led to the young doctor’s murder, she discovers the full extent of the damage done to the ‘special girls’ – and the danger they are still in. Amazon

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

First Chapter ~ First Paragraph ~ Intro


Detective Inspector Grace Fisher heard an owl hoot as she got out of the car. It was somewhere off in the thick darkness of the woods on the opposite side of the road. The faintest whisper of a breeze in the night air rustled the treetops and brushed her cheek as she inhaled the dry, earthy smell of last winter’s leaf litter.

‘What genius thought it would be a good idea to stop there?’ she asked, shaking her head at the two marked cars pulled up on the verge beside a five-bar gate. ‘Right where the perpetrator might have left a vehicle if they had one.’

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I like Grace Fisher’s no nonsense approach and I’m really looking forward to reading more.

What do you think? Would you keep reading?


A book lover who clearly has issues as obsessed with crime despite leading a respectable life

31 thoughts on “First Chapter ~ First Paragraph (March 14)

  1. I already had the first two books in this series marked as ‘Want To Read’, so this is just one more to add to my never ending wishlist.

    I really might have to teach myself to speed read, but then that might spoil the enjoyment for me.

    After all, life and blogging is not just all about reviews, I just love talking about books and sharing new finds 🙂



    1. I enjoy talking about books and perhaps if I spent less time trying to convince myself that I really do need the latest one that catches my eye, I might get a bit more reading done! I really loved Good Girls Don’t Die so this is another series I’m managing to keep up with!


  2. This does sound like an interesting premise, Cleo. And I like the way the story gets going right away, so that the reader is drawn in quickly. Thanks for sharing.


  3. I seem to have the first two books in this series on the shelf behind me – unread, of course. I probably got the recommendation from you. LOL

    Yes, I’d keep reading. The beginning really draws you in.


  4. The title and premise sent a chill down my spine. I think I’d still like to read it, though. I haven’t read this author before but I like the writing style and love a good mystery. Here’s my link for today featuring Barbara Wood’s book, The Magdalene scrolls:


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