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Do I Buy This Book?

Last week I was interviewed by Lucy from Blonde Write More about my reading and reviewing habits – you can read the interview here.

Lucy writes some exceptionally funny posts and I do recommend her blog, not only if you are a writer, but if like me, you enjoy a chuckle!

Anyway one of her deadly questions was What is your selection process for reviewing a book? Since I review every book I finish I thought about how I select a book and decided that I actually go through quite a complex process which I’ve attempted to visually replicate in my first infographic!

671f1407-c72b-4666-b42b-465835582272 (1)

For instance if I consider a ‘new to me’ author then a number of factors come into play as disparate as where the book is set, whether it is linked to my current obsession (at the moment this is poisoners but it is liable to change on a complete whim!), and even the publisher – something prior to blogging wouldn’t have even featured. Obviously, I the number of considerations is strictly dependent on the whereabouts of my very fetching will-power hat!

So now over to you – please take the poll and/or add your comments on what factors encourage you to buy a book? If you select a book on another category entirely, please let me know!


A book lover who clearly has issues as obsessed with crime despite leading a respectable life

28 thoughts on “Do I Buy This Book?

  1. Covers usually attract me to check out a book whenever I’m book shopping. More often, I buy books that goes well with my usual list of genres or if I’m familiar with the author.

    Sometimes, I just pick what I feel like picking and these book end up becoming pleasant surprises! I often do this in book sales where most books are unfamiliar but I want to buy one anyway lol


  2. What a terrific inforgraphic, Cleo! I really like the way you’ve depicted the process. And I think you’re right; a number of factors go into what entices a person to buy a book. For me, anyway, it matters a lot whether the author is someone whose work I like. There are certain ‘go to’ authors whose work I’ll be almost no matter what. Beyond that, I look for subject matter and premise. And an intriguing setting doesn’t hurt!


    1. Thank you Margot – I had fun picking elements for my infographic (and then quickly ran out of space) Premise is the overriding hook but those other elements do come into play before I buy (unless the trusty willpower hat is missing and then anything goes)

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  3. It’s pretty much always the subject matter for me and then I look to see if other bloggers are recommending. But usually I buy anyway even if others don’t like it as I have loved some books others have hated and vice versa!

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  4. Fab infographic! I generally choose books based on whether I like the sound of them from the synopsis. I also take note of recommendations from bloggers whose blogs I read regularly, and whose opinions I trust, as it gets me out of my comfort zone and trying a different kind of book from time to time.

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  5. If its an author or series I love then I jump straight in. Otherwise I’m swayed to look at book based on what others are reading/ blogging about, but still look at synopsis etc as the subject matter has to appeal no matter how many rave reviews. If I’m faced with a random book I’m virtually always attracted by the cover, followed by a process not unlike yours involving gauging subject/setting, then Goodreads and Amazon for star rating/reviews. After that there’s generally do I really want/need another before buying. I’d like to think the process was designed to curb my book acquiring tendencies – I think the juries out ☺


  6. This is great. I particularly like the presence or absence of the “willpower hat” 🙂
    I tend to get drawn into a lot of series (combination of liking the author and the subject matter/setting). Other than that, these days I’m mostly going by trusted blogger recommendations. That said, I can be a bit of a magpie and have been drawn towards books the library solely because of the cover and then made the final decision based on the blurb/synopsis.


    1. Thank you Claire! That willpower hat is crucial to the process 😉

      I can be drawn by all sorts of random aspects but the subject matter has to appeal and I’ve been caught out before with authors I love switching genres etc. and then I get a nice surprise!

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  7. Love the infographic! It’s all about the blurb for me as a rule, to pique my interest- as Susan says above, the gut reaction. I hardly ever read reviews by other bloggers of books I am just about to read and review myself, (read them afterwards) but keep an eye on everyone’s blogs for books/genres I wouldn’t have necessarily thought of reading and then read these for pleasure- not reviewing. There are always, always series authors that I cannot miss like James Lee Burke, John Connolly, Mark Billingham etc


    1. Thank you! I’ve decided part of my problem with the ever increasing number of books is precisely because each year more authors get added to the ‘must-read’ list but my magpie instincts for acquiring something different don’t lessen – I do get a lot of recommendations of both new and older books from bloggers too, some of which I’d never have picked up otherwise.


  8. So many factors! But for me, one that is not on the list, is whether the book is easily available at my library. If so, then there’s no need to buy it! I also like Susan’s ‘gut reaction’.


  9. HahahahaHA!!! I love your infographic, but I fear I can’t find the bit where the answer is “Don’t Buy” – maybe it’s hidden under your willpower hat? The picture of the gravestones under “current area of interest” made me howl with laughter! Brilliant! 😀

    In terms of the poll, I select primarily on subject matter but more recently have paid a lot of attention to who the publisher is too – I really find that certain publishers produce stuff I like more than others. For instance, I rarely pass up the opportunity to get hold of factual books from Yale – they do just the kind of books I like. And for fiction, I tend to stick with the biggies – Random House, Orion etc. Or niche ones like Pushkin Vertigo.


    1. Why thank you!! I’d like to say that the omission of a ‘don’t buy’ was partly borne out of lack of space as well as it being exceptionally hard to find a picture to illustrate nothing! Also as you know this option is an exceptionally rare event! and as such doesn’t reflect on the business process maps which I spent many months of my life producing for work!! So good to hear my pictorial choices made you laugh!
      I can’t believe I spent most of my life being oblivious to the publisher and now like true nerd it is one of the first things I check out! Thanks for voting too 🙂

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  10. I voted for subject matter and blogger recommendation! If something interests me, then I’m usually excited to check it out. However, since I do read a lot of blog reviews, that does play a factor. Something can sound good but if people aren’t reviewing it well, then I probably won’t buy. Library maybe. If it isn’t something I’d normally pick up but so many bloggers love it and it sounds pretty good, then sure, I’ll try it out!



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