I Stopped Time Earns Gold Badge Endorsement

Number One Indie Book Endorsement Site Gives Jane Davis’s Latest Novel the Thumbs Up

Read more about this award which is in addition to that already received for These Fragile Things on the author’s website

Having blogged about this author yesterday – well more in relation to my very first blog interview – I am delighted for her and thoroughly endorse the judge’s decision!

For more about the award itself check out

I didn’t know about this award scheme but having read through the site it makes sense. I am always up for trying out new authors and I have really enjoyed some books that would not have made it through the traditional publishing route but it is disappointing when the quality is not there.

I am now looking to see what else they have given awards to that I can add to my metaphorical pile on my kindle!

Coffee Disaster

Coffee Having put some content onto my blog over the last couple of weeks I settled down on Friday to organise a new page with the list of books I have reviewed….so far so good. I was beginning to master picmonkey and the page was about half done when disaster struck! A cup of coffee was poured over my trusty laptop!!  No-one to blame (I think that makes it worse) but my myself .  I have had to console myself that at least it was only one item of tech, my phone and kindles were well away from the disaster scene.
After a night of drying out it kindly informed me that it couldn’t find the hard-drive. So yesterday my devoted OH spent his day rebuilding, arranging for saving in the cloud so that I don’t ever again loose 4 years worth of content to one cup of coffee.
The list of reviews will be coming but not quite as quickly as I hoped!
So relieved to be back in the land of the bloggers; I didn’t realise I could get so addicted to something so quickly.