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No Escape – N.J. Cooper

Crime Fiction 5*'s
Crime Fiction

Karen Taylor returns to the old family chalet on the Isle of Wight to use it as a base to continue work on her paper about Dangerous Severe Personality Disorder. Her subject on the Island is Spike Falconer who has been convicted of killing a family of four during a picnic.

Karen goes to the prison daily to meet Spike who seems even more manipulative than she expected leaving her struggling to tie in her previous research to this enigma of a subject. She meets up with DCI Trench who is certain that Spike has committed further murders but is unable to get anyone to take his theories seriously. In a bid to get a handle on Spike she visits his family with little joy.

The story is gripping, the twists keep on coming and the characters credible. I’m sure the next few books will reveal more about the man in Karen’s life, Will Hawkins a Nurosurgeon who was one of the characters who appeared a little shadowy. I am going to get on and read the remaining books in this series, I am so glad I came across this author.

Vengence In Mind
Face of the Devil
No Escape