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Ninepins – Rosy Thornton

Contemporary Fiction 3*'s
Contemporary Fiction

Ninepins is set in the fens where Laura a divorcee lives with her twelve year old daughter Beth. Willow who is now seventeen needs somewhere to live after spending the last four years in care and rents the ‘pumphouse’ from Laura with the support from her Social Worker Vince.

The story that follows is billed as having the tension of a thriller; I’m not sure this is the really the case, to me it is mainly about an anxious mother learning to let her daughter grow up. Laura comes across as a sympathetic, if a little fussy, character but Willow and Beth remain a little more indistinct.

This book about relationships has them all, the mothers and daughters, ex-husbands, pets and budding romances are all there to be explored in this book. An easy comfortable read.