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Kiss Me First – Lottie Moggach

Contemporary Fiction 4*'s
Contemporary Fiction

I have to confess I really wasn’t sure about this debut novel by Lottie Moggachk until I was a good way through the story but it was worth persevering with. So what was the initial problem? I didn’t feel any empathy for either of the main protagonists Leila a young computer nerd whose mother died from MS or Tess a slightly older woman who suffered with bipolar disorder. I was also unsure how the depressing the read was going to be; suicide is not a comfortable subject for most of us.

The two women are introduced through Adrian, a forty-something man who runs a philosophy discussion website that Leila has become addicted to. When Adrian suggests that Leila takes over Tess’ life a project is born whereby all previous on-line conversations, memories and pictures are shared so that Tess’ friends and family will believe they are from her.

As the book continues the story comes together narrated by Leila describing how and why she agreed to carry on with Tess’ correspondence. The story is touching at times, has good points to make about journalism and once it pulled together is a good read.

Lottie Moggach is Deborah Moggach’s daughter and has clearly inherited her storytelling ability; hopefully more books will follow.