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The Girl You Left Behind – Jojo Moyes

Historical Fiction 5*'s
Historical Fiction

The Girl You Left Behind is a book of two parts; the first details life in a small town, Peronne in France, for Sophie Lefèvre. The year is 1915 and Sophie’s artist husband has gone to fight in the First World War and Peronne is soon occupied by the Germans.

I was instantly drawn into Sophie’s life during occupation where Jojo Moyes adroitly captures the reality of a life where neighbours and friends can quickly turn from shared endeavours to outdo their occupiers to becoming suspicious of each other when rumours abound in a life full of fear and hunger. Sophie’s husband Edouard painted a picture of her which hangs in their hotel and it is this painting that links Sophie and Liv, the girl left behind in the second part.

Liv Hanson was bought the painting for her wedding by her husband. Liv’s present day story is no less captivating than Sophie’s. Liv meets Paul whose job is tor return lost or stolen works of art to their rightful owners and battle commences to find out the truth about the painting, and Sophie.

Jojo Moyes writes a really good story with so many truths contained within it. As the homeless lady Fran says to Liv `Imagine….. What you lose just trying to hang onto a few bits.’ A wonderful story. One of those rare books that simultaneously I wanted to know the ending but didn’t want the end to come.