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The Darker Side of Love – Jessica Ruston

Women's Fiction 4*'s
Women’s Fiction

Having enjoyed The Lies You Told Me so much I decided to read a previous book by author Jessica Ruston which was available through Amazon Vine. Although not quite matching the excellence of this later offering it was still a really enjoyable read

The Darker Side of Love spans the years from late 2007 to 2010 telling the tale of a group of middle-classed friends dealing with life. As the title suggests this isn’t a cosy story of how love can conquer all but rather how love can be dangerous when offered to the wrong person. A number of serious issues are covered in the book including, domestic abuse, grief, substance abuse and adultery to name a few.

As the book starts all the couples; Izzy and James, Harriet and Wills and Stella and Jonny are all settled in life. Caroline, James’ sister is single and feels on the edge of the group due to her status. The story unfolds and we see that none of the couples are quite as secure as first impressions suggested and secrets and lies test their relationships. Told in chapters covering the key times when the group are bought together such as New Year’s Eve the reader is left with gaps, this device moves the story along nicely without becoming bogged down with the minutiae of daily life.

This is the perfect book to get lost in, well written with a good mixture of characters and with a bit of a twist in the tail. Jessica Ruston’s next book The Lies You Told Me is even better, clearly an author to watch.

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The Lies You Told Me – Jessica Ruston

Women's Fiction 5*'s
Women’s Fiction

Jessica Ruston’s latest book grabbed me the moment I turned the first page with the postman delivering a package to Klara. Klara doesn’t immediately open the package but once she does she finds a key and a mysterious letter telling her that the sender had kept it safe for her mother for the last 24 years. The letter was simply signed N.R.

Klara has not seen her mother since she was a very young child, one day she left and a few years later her father broke the news that she had died while in America. Full of grief he hadn’t wanted to discuss her mother with her, is Klara about to discover the truth?

This is quality woman’s fiction, theories about memories; what makes them, what triggers them and questions about how reliable they are. The feelings of being the odd one out, with different examples walking through the pages of this novel and the deep seated need held by all of us to know who we are and where we come from.

The writing and the pace of the revelations meant that this book made an impression outside the story held within it. The characters were so real I felt I knew some of them, probably because I have met versions of them, and the story though emotional wasn’t without its moments of wry humour, some of the older generation are really horrendous , nuggets of truth aplenty this is certainly a book I will recommend to my friends.