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What Lies Within – Tom Vowler

Crime Fiction 5*'s
Crime Fiction

What Lies Within is one of those books that is easy to pick up and become absorbed in. Starting with the news that a prisoner had escaped from the prison Anna is interviewed by the local news in Devon, which starts a trail of events that build slowly and intriguingly throughout the 286 pages.

Tom Vowler writes very convincingly from the female perspective, Anna’s whole persona is completely realistic as are her relationships with her husband, Robert, teenage son, Paul and younger daughter Megan. All the characters in this book are well defined combining perfectly with the underlying story. Sympathy is roused for chickens and foxes as well as Anna. In combination we have the story of a young teacher who is keen to install a love of learning in her first post when a shocking event happens. The two narratives are utterly compelling with thought provoking themes.

This book has been likened to Before I Go to Sleep and it certainly felt to me that I was reading something new and fresh. Tom Vowler has definitely delivered something special, a book that I will remember for the storyline as well as the characters.

I received a copy of this book from Amazon Vine

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Half-truths and White Lies – Jane Davis

Contemporary Fiction Jane Davis
Contemporary Fiction

Andrea drew a family tree for a school project during her schooldays and this story demonstrates how her father’s idea for a Venn diagram to illustrate families works better.

The story is narrated by 3 separate characters, Andrea, her aunt Faye and her Godfather Pete and follows the aftermath of the death of Andrea’s parents (Laura and Tom)

The characters are well formed something that is demonstrated by the fact that each narrator sees them differently but the parts add up to a whole.

Although the story is fairly obvious it is so well written that this doesn’t matter.

Fantastic first novel.