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Saturday – A time to consider the important things in life

If you’ve been under a stone this week you may well not have heard that Brexit has caused a bit of stir, Prince Philip took his Range Rover for a roll but the important news is that one woman has been in the news for advising everyone that 30 books are enough!

Who is this woman?

Marie Kondo is the brave woman who has bought decluttering to the world through the Netflix series called Tidying Up with Marie Kondo released in January 2019.

And how is she faring after she has unleashed the fury of booklovers all over the world?

It is, according to some reports a misinterpretation, she doesn’t want to rid the world of books.

After all why else do bookshelves exist?

This swirl design would look pretty stupid if it wasn’t full of books and at a rough estimate it is holding more than 30!

What would the owners of this fancy kitchen bookshelf do if there was no scintillating choice of books? They might have forced to cook!

This delightful offering combining the books with the wood that they originate from is particularly appealing…


Or the metal variation on the theme for a more modern look.

This fabulous flower bookshelf would brighten up anyone’s day but wouldn’t look the same without plenty of books Marie Kondo!

But my favourite bookshelf of all is this delightful chair, just think you don’t even need to move to find a good book to read!


Sadly my own selection of bookshelf is slightly more mundane, however I can confirm it is full of books that I couldn’t bear to part with… tune in soon for more musing on the 30 book issue that is sweeping the globe!



A book lover who clearly has issues as obsessed with crime despite leading a respectable life

45 thoughts on “Saturday – A time to consider the important things in life

  1. Very true, none of the above gorgeousness would take place with less than thirty books;) Saying that I have been cutting this week off my Kindle, and it does feel good! Oh and I like your stash!


  2. OMG, I’m surprised that bookish people are not beating her up…LOL. I love those shelves in your post.

    I couldn’t restrict myself to such a low number of books, although there was a time when I had one rattan bookshelf with books in it (in the 70s ad 80s). Check out MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOTS , a post in which I am looking back at a home I enjoyed from 1988-1994,

    Just out of curiosity, though, I might have to watch her Netflix show. Just so I can validate my own belief that more is better than less. LOL.


    1. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures – they are brilliant and I love that loft!
      I’m sure she’s got lots of useful things to say but I for one could not live with just 30 books (and that’s taking my kindle into account)


  3. Hi Cleo – oh I feel your wrath. Don’t tell my family that someone is out there saying 30 books is enough! I’ve been forced to pare my collection down, but I could never get it that low. Great bookshelves!


  4. I love all of those bookshelves, Cleo, including yours! I could never restrict myself to just 30 books! Yikes! The fact is, books nourish my soul. So…I am not ruthless about getting rid of them.


  5. I donated a few books when I moved house but definitely still have an awful lot of them. Some have been read multiple times & others I’ve not even picked up yet. I definitely don’t agree with her sentiment! I however do love the book shelves you’ve shared. I wish I could say mine are as creative haha x


  6. 30 books? OK, we’ve been watching Kondo’s show on Netflix, but I guess we haven’t gotten to that show yet or maybe it’s from the book? Well, Marie, maybe for you – not for me. That being said, I do have a lot of books on my Kindle and they take up less space – ha! But, I also have a large bookshelf in my office and tucked away here and there. I consider myself a minimalist in many regards, but not so much about books. I agree with Margot above – my books nourish my soul. There’s a reason why the saying at the top of my blog is:

    “She reads books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live.” Annie Dillard

    Love the bookshelves you show, Cleo. Love that chair/bookshelf! Maybe a footstool to put one’s feet up. Books could be stored there too. And I love yours most of all. Beautiful!!


    1. I do have far more books on my kindle than on my real bookshelf but I love them and they make me happy so I guess I get around Marie’s rules that way? But fortunately I don’t need to live by her rules haha – I too love the book seat/shelf although I might never move!


  7. I heard about the 30 books and just shrugged it off. I havem’t had less than that since my mother bought me books as a child. I still have so many of those and I love seeing books everywhere I look in my house. I wish I could arrange them as artfully as these wonderful pictures you shared! LOL


  8. Hahaha! Brilliant post! 30 books?? The woman must be mad! Although I do admit that there really ought to be some kind of limit – it’s getting quite hard to move in my house these days… 😉


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