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20 Books of Summer 2018! Part 2 #20booksofsummer

On 28 May 2018 I posted my first set of 10 books that I planned to read for this challenge, the idea being that I would post the second selection in mid-July, having read and reviewed the first 10. Dear reader, the plan has gone a little awry!

Anyway I’ve read 9 of my 10 books, reviewed just 4 and have very little reading time so I suspect I won’t finish the second set but here’s what I’m aiming to read.

The links below will take you to the Goodreads description


Victorian Murders by Jan Bondeson

Flying Shoes by Lisa Howorth

My Sister and Other Liars by Ruth Dugdall 

Flight by Isabel Ashdown

The Lighthouse by P.D. James

The Poisoner by Stephen Bates 

This Is Not a Novel by Jennifer Johnston 

The Big Picture by Douglas Kennedy 

Lady Bette and the Murder of Mr Thynn by Nigel Pickford

Famous Trials I by Harry Hodge

You can check out the master page which will have the full list of 20 books here

There are so many within this selection that I’m eager to read and since time is of the essence I have a feeling that I will start with P.D. James’s book The Lighthouse.

Do you agree? Where would you start?

Wish me luck…



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19 thoughts on “20 Books of Summer 2018! Part 2 #20booksofsummer

  1. You’re doing much better than I am – I’ve read 2 books and reviewed just 1 and I only planned on reading 10! I’m tempted to change my list to reflect what I’ve recently read as saying I’m going to read certain books seems to mean I’ll actually read anything but those books! 🙂

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  2. I read The Big Picture which someone had left behind in a holiday cottage and finished it in an afternoon. One of those books that once it gets its hooks into you, you’re lost to the world!


  3. I’m doing better than I thought I would. I’ve read 9 and reviewed 7, so far. I’m feeling quietly confident I can still make my goal but I’m not sure my schedule will allow me to post all my reviews before September 😄


  4. There’s never enough time to read everything you’d like to read, is there, Cleo? I give you credit for what you’ve been able to read. You’ve got a great list here, too. The Boneson, the Dugdall, and the Bates look especially interesting. I’ll be looking forward to your review of the P.D. James when you get to it.


  5. Your doing great! You still have plenty of time to catch up on reviews. This is my first year participating so I’m pretty excited to be on target with 10 read and reviewed 😊


  6. I’m doing sort of OK having read 8 out of my 20 but would have liked to have been over halfway by now…too many blog tours! I can’t blame you for picking P D James as that caught my eye but I’m also intrigued by Lady Bette and the Murder of Mr Thynn.


  7. I haven’t read any of your list at all and some I’ve not heard of. I’d start with the P.D. James book too. Good luck!! Maybe you could do some short reviews – like 2 sentences. Ha!


  8. I have my own personal challenge going on and not doing too well. I keep getting tempted by new arrivals. LOL Good luck!


  9. It makes me feel better to know I’m not the only one behind with reviews. I’ve read 12 books but have only reviewed 8 (I think?) I have been doing some mini-reviews but even so I’m still behind! 🙂 I may not finish all 20 by Labor Day, but if I do one more than last year (which was 14) I’ll consider it a great success!


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