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This Week in Books (June 27)

This Week In Books
Hosted by Lipsy Lost & Found my Wednesday post gives you a taste of what I am reading this week. A similar meme is run by Taking on a World of Words

My current read is Take Me In by Sabine Durrant which is published tomorrow, 28 June 2018.


A hot beach. A young family on holiday. A fatal moment of inattention…
And now Dave Jepsom is in their lives.
Dave Jepsom, with his muscles, his pale eyes, his expressionless face.
He saved their child. How can they ever repay him? Especially as what he seems to want in return is everything.
He’s in the streets they walk down. He’s at the office where they work. He’s at their front door, leaning on the bell…
If only they could go back. Back to when the lies were still hidden. Before the holiday, before the beach, before the moment that changed everything.

Before Dave. Amazon

The last book I finished was a review copy of Lisa Jewell’s Watching You which is due to be published on 12 July 2018. My review will be posted closer to this date but as always Lisa Jewell has come up with the perfect recipe for a thrilling read.


You’re not the only one watching.

You’re back home after four years working abroad, new husband in tow.
You’re keen to find a place of your own. But for now you’re crashing in your big brother’s spare room.
That’s when you meet the man next door.
He’s the head teacher at the local school. Twice your age. Extraordinarily attractive. You find yourself watching him.
All the time.
But you never dreamed that your innocent crush might become a deadly obsession.

Or that someone is watching you. Amazon

Next up is one of my 20 Books of Summer choices, American Heiress: The Kidnapping, Crimes and Trial of Patty Hearst by Jeffrey Toobin.


Domestic terrorism. Financial uncertainty. Troops abroad, fighting an unsuccessful and bloody war against guerrilla insurgents. A violent generation gap emerging between a discontented youth and their disapproving, angry elders.

This was the early seventies in America, and it was against this backdrop that the kidnapping of nineteen-year-old Patty Hearst by the Symbionese Liberation Front – a rag-tag, cult-like group of political extremists and criminals – stole headlines across the world. Using new research and drawing on the formidable abilities that made The Run of His Life a global bestseller, Jeffrey Toobin uncovers the story of the kidnapping and its aftermath in vivid prose and forensic detail. Amazon

What do you think? Do any of these take your fancy?


A book lover who clearly has issues as obsessed with crime despite leading a respectable life

12 thoughts on “This Week in Books (June 27)

  1. Take Me In sounds really good, Cleo – creepy and psychologically uneasy. And the story of Patty Hearst is fascinating. I’ll be interested in how Toobin handles it. I like it that you enjoy history as well as fiction (and sometimes, mixed with it).


  2. Patty Hearst would be a fascinating subject. even now it’s not clear how much she was coerced by the kidnappers and how much she bought into their campaign and ideology


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