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Broken Heart – Tim Weaver #20booksofsummer

Crime Fiction

A car-park in Somerset is the scene of the disappearance of Linda Korin who drove in one day, left her car and was never seen again. The police investigate but are unable to come up with a satisfactory query of what happened the most likely explanation is that she went into the sea, a theory that doesn’t really stack up as the tide was out at the time her car is captured on CCTV going into the car park. After months with no news Linda’s sister in America asks David Raker to take on the case.

Tim Weaver has produced something quite special with this series, Broken Heart being the seventh book. We have crime fiction but the focus is on missing people rather than dead bodies and in doing so often uncovers tales which are mulit-layered and unusual. Here we have a woman in her sixties, and although she is beautiful having been a former model and actress in second-rate horror movies, she is not the typical crime fiction victim.

The story had me engaged, from the start I was trying to work out how the facts presented could be, you see this is one author that doesn’t ‘cheat.’ There is no trying to gloss over incontrovertible facts by having random witnesses lying for no good reason all the many problems to solve, and there are lots within this novel, are unravelled fairly. After a skype meeting with Linda’s sister, Wendy Fisher he begins to look at her early life with her husband who had been a famous film director until he was exiled from Hollywood to Spain for being a communist.

Having read and been engaged in the lives of the subjects, as well as fully entertained by David Raker himself in the previous books I found this one veered perhaps down a too convoluted path for me although I am mindful that due to events in my personal life I wasn’t perhaps in the right frame of mind for any book at this time. So my observations are that there was more violence in this episode than the previous books in the series and the expose into film making was fascinating but perhaps a little bit too ‘nerdy’ for those of us who aren’t as thrilled by the subject as Tim Weaver as a result the endless playing of sections of a film, a director obsessed by his star and lost copies of films made years previously which included fairly lengthy explanations of how originals need to be stored to keep them from deteriorating slowed the pace down for me. If you have a love of old Hollywood movies, especially those naff horror ones, then you will love this aspect. What is not in doubt that there is a complicated mystery to be solved and my sleuthing didn’t even come close.

Ultimately although the storyline was inspired by the film world, underneath, as in all good books this is about people and you don’t have to have an interest in the parts to be interested in how others behave.

Broken Heart was my tenth read in my 20 Books of Summer 2017  Challenge.

First Published UK: 28 July 2016
Publisher: Penguin
No of Pages: 528
Genre: Crime Fiction Series
Amazon UK
Amazon US 


A book lover who clearly has issues as obsessed with crime despite leading a respectable life

10 thoughts on “Broken Heart – Tim Weaver #20booksofsummer

  1. I know what you mean, Cleo, about a plot that’s a bit too convoluted. Still, it sounds as though this is as much a character study as it is anything else, and those can be memorable. I’m glad you enjoy this series.


  2. I’ve only read one of these – the first one, long ago, and I can’t really remember now why I didn’t go on with the series because I think I quite enjoyed it. Too many books, I suppose! I do think events in our own lives sometimes affect how we get on with books – I know my concentration disappears any time I’m stressed or upset. Maybe this will be one for you to re-read at some point in the future… 🙂


    1. I think I had the first one through Vine and I do normally really enjoy them which is why I posted the statement about probably being the wrong time but I needed to write a review as it’s one of my 20 Books of Summer! I will probably just get the next one and put it down to bad timing.

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  3. Hi Cleo,

    I’m sure that I have a couple of the earlier books from this series lying around the house somewhere, although I know that I haven’t actually read any of them.

    In your opinion, do I need to read the series in sequence, or do the stories work okay as stand alones?

    I only ask as I am intrigued to know whether the entire series is set in Somerset, or just this particular story and I am wondering whereabouts this mysterious car park is.

    I’m sorry to hear that you are not in a good place right now and I hope that you can work your way through things in due course 🙂



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