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Need You Dead – Peter James #blogtour

Crime Fiction

I am particularly delighted to be part of the blog tour for Need You Dead which is the thirteenth in the award-winning DS Roy Grace series by Peter James because this is a series I’ve followed from the very beginning, reading each book in order eager to find out what has happened to my favourite characters whilst knowing that there will be a cracking crime story to keep me entertained.

Today Peter James is sharing some of his research with us:

DS Roy Grace Blog Tour – Day 7
Research behind Dead Man’s Grip

While researching Dead Man’s Grip I was taken around the famous local landmark that is Shoreham Power station. Along with being claustrophobic I have always had an absolute terror of heights, so the research for a key scene in the book, involving a secret tunnel under Shoreham Harbour, where I would be making a 180 feet vertical descent down a ladder in a shaft, was horrifying! A major “oh shit” moment! Fortunately I had two very delightful and caring helpers from Rescue & Emergency Medical Services Ltd who gave me the confidence and help to do it.

Then at the launch of Dead Man’s Grip I was submerged in a van in Shoreham Harbour for a stunt enacting a key scene in the book. I was nervous as hell before this event and I had the whole police dive team prepped to rescue me in case it went wrong!

Peter James has kindly provided original pieces for each day of his blog tour so make sure you catch the rest of the stops!


Book Review
Lorna Belling has been found dead in a bath tub in a rented flat in Brighton. Already known to the police because she’s reported her husband for domestic abuse Roy Grace sees the investigation as a good one for Guy Batchelor to be Deputy Senior Investigating Officer for a couple of reasons: one to allow him to learn the ropes and secondly because Roy has to fly to Germany to pick up his son Bruno to bring him back for the funeral of his mother.

Lorna is a hairdresser who works from home, her phone is monitored by her husband and there has been more than one nasty incident with her husband Corin who works for an IT company, but the last attack was particularly nasty. The Domestic Violence caseworker is concerned for Lorna’s safety but so far Lorna has decided to stay put with Corin and the puppies she has bred. But the flat where Lorna was found dead wasn’t her home, so why is she in a cheap rental flat with dodgy electrics?

Of course the investigation isn’t quite as straightforward as first appearances indicated and the reader is in on the action seeing the red-herrings being liberally scattered across Brighton to ensure that the Police are following entirely the wrong scent. In a bold move by the author we even know why the only link missing is who it could be. It goes to show how in experienced hands a small amount of mystery is all that is needed with this book not lacking at all in tension as the team set out to find the killer – or perhaps Lorna committed suicide after all?

There are a number of strands to be pursued by the team and all of them have a good collection of well-drawn characters to keep us fully entertained as they do so!

It is almost refreshing these days to have modern crime fiction told in a straightforward time-line and here we have the chapters headed up by the days of the week starting from the beginning and working to the end – how clever is that? Because there is so much going on there are several chapters for each day, with each looking from a different point of view and in the case of Roy Grace, some are from a different country.

As with the entire series I get as much enjoyment in meeting up with the large and varied cast of characters, particularly with the established team of police, with the author reflecting their most immediate concerns using his extensive contacts with the real crime fighters in Brighton’s Police Force to ensure all the details are bang up to date. A small word of caution, Mr James, please don’t turn Roy Grace into a political figurehead for the Police however much your sources urge you to, less is more as they say!

As always this latest Roy Grace story had me thoroughly entertained. I can also spy some interesting threads which I’m sure we will follow for a few books yet in Roy’s personal life as Bruno settles into life as a big brother to baby Noah and so as always, no sooner did I put the book down, I was eager to have the next instalment from Brighton and Hove.

I am extremely grateful to Macmillan and Midas PR for providing me with a review copy of this book, and for allowing me to be part of this blog tour – the pinnacle of my blogging ambitions! My review of course is unbiased.

First Published UK: 18 May 2017
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
No of Pages:  432
Genre: Crime Fiction – Crime Series
Amazon UK
Amazon US

Roy Grace Series in order
Dead Simple
Looking Good Dead
Not Dead Enough
Dead Man’s Footsteps
Dead Tomorrow
Dead Like You
Dead Man’s Grip
Not Dead Yet
Dead Man’s Time
Want You Dead
You Are Dead
Love You Dead
Need You Dead

Need You Dead, the thirteenth in the award-winning DS Roy Grace series by Peter James, is out 18th May (Macmillan, £20.00)


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19 thoughts on “Need You Dead – Peter James #blogtour

  1. Hi Cleo and Peter

    An interesting and well put together post, Cleo. As always, I never read a series in sequence, but I love Peter’s style of writing and have read a few of the ‘Roy Grace’ books.

    Peter; heights, claustrophobia and going underground all had me running for cover. But then you had to go and mention my worst phobia of all – water! If I had been submerged in water, you woud have been able to feature paramedics in your book as well, when they came to resuscitate me after the heart attack!

    All’s well when it’s only on the pages of a good book though and I can’t wait to read ‘Dead Man’s Grip’ and of course, ‘Need You Dead’



  2. I’m intrigued by this series but with my Dee-Logic insisting on starting a series at the beginning, I just don’t see this happening since there are so many books already! 😂


  3. I like the Roy Grace series, too, Cleo, and I like the way the different characters have evolved in the course of the series. I also enjoyed the bit about learning how James did the research for this one. Fascinating! Thanks for sharing, and excellent review as ever.


    1. Thank you Margot – I think because this is a series I have followed since the beginning (quite unlike me) I have really come to appreciate the evolution of the story arc and characters (Roy Grace’s life is about to get a whole lot more complicated now I fear!)

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t always been as diligent about following series but this is one that I prioritised getting the latest book even at a time when I mainly relied on library books for my reading – I feel I am invested in the series.


  4. Fab review 🙂 I’ve actually got the first seven books of this series on my TBR but still haven’t read any of them. Your reviews of his books are always brilliant so I really must make an effort to start reading the series very soon.


  5. A linear timeline does indeed sound refreshing! Only 13 books, you say? Well, I just read a post from someone declaring she has 1200 books on her TBR, so I really ought to be able to squeeze a few more on… 😉


  6. I’ve read 4 or 5 books in this series – they’re perfect for winding down with. You know what you’re going to get with a Roy Grace mystery, something absorbing and uber-reliable. Glad to see that they’re still going strong!


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