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Want You Gone – Chris Brookmyre #Blogtour #bookreview

Crime Fiction

Computer hacking isn’t a subject I’d normally be drawn to as anything IT related is a turn-off as far as I’m concerned, but as I’d heard such good things about this author and having no hope of catching up on the previous seven books in the series, Want You Gone was where I started, and I was totally drawn into the world of internet chat rooms with anonymous men ‘there are no women on the internet’ conspiring to all sorts of three-letter acronyms.

Sam Morpeth is struggling, she’s at college but in charge of her disabled younger sister, Lily, as her mother is in prison. Sam is a loner, she doesn’t fit in at school, and she’s struggling to pay the bills. Sam decides she has no option but to take a part-time job in a sandwich shop, but then she attracts the wrong kind of attention. Added to all of that she’s sure that her mother is keeping secrets from her.

Jack Parlabane is kicking off the traces to whatever trouble he’d been in which something to do with the hacking scandal, and he’s found employment as a journalist on a new paper, Broadwave. He’s determined not to mess up again especially as he’s enjoying the opportunity to do more in-depth reporting and his links to a hacker give him an in on a recent security breach by the hackers at a major bank. With the police looking for the perpetrators and the bank severely embarrassed will Jack be able to uncover the truth?

If I’m reading contemporary crime fiction, I like the themes to be current and thought-provoking and Chris Brookmyre carries off this brief off with alacrity. Obviously the internet has been part of our lives for long enough for it to be hard to remember what life was like before it, but the telephone hacking scandal is recent enough for the repercussions still making their mark and I suspect most journalists work in a more circumspect way then they did before the Leveson inquiry. All of this is well-reflected in the storyline without the reader feeling hammered over the head, there simply isn’t time as the plot moves along at a fair old pace, with twists and turns, all aided and abetted by the shadowy nature of the characters. In another novel all the cloak and dagger might seem all too convenient whereas it fits perfectly with the themes that underpin this compelling read.

There is masses of action in Want You Gone and despite the technical aspects of this book, it never felt burdensome and everything was clearly explained in words that this technophobe could understand. I liked the interaction between Sam and Jack, there comes a point where despite neither trusting, nor liking, the other, they had to work together for a common aim. A tough piece of character conflict to pull off at the best of times, but in the midst of a fast and furious storyline where believability becomes crucial, on reflection I realised the importance of this outstanding piece of writing.

I started this review by stating that I’d become aware of this author through other bloggers and decided that I couldn’t possibly catch up on the series which is why I took the plunge at book eight. I now revise that opinion, I will be seeking out the previous books and whilst it is unrealistic to imagine that I will read them all before the publication of book nine, I need to know more about Jack’s life before it became entangled with Sam’s.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Little Brown Books who allowed me to read an ARC of Want You Gone. This unbiased review is my thanks to them and the talented author, Chris Brookmyre.

First Published UK: 20 April 2017
Publisher: Little Brown Books
No of Pages: 432
Genre: Crime Fiction – Series
Amazon UK
Amazon US


A book lover who clearly has issues as obsessed with crime despite leading a respectable life

12 thoughts on “Want You Gone – Chris Brookmyre #Blogtour #bookreview

  1. This sounds great – one to add to my TBRs. I’ve read two of Brookmyre’s books – and found both of them completely absorbing. Quite Ugly One Morning is the first Jack Parlabane book and despite a graphic description of a particularly nasty murder scene at the beginning, which would normally make me stop reading somehow I managed to get over that and was so glad I did because I thoroughly enjoyed it. His other book I’ve read is not a Parlabane book – it’s Not the End of the World, a crime thriller set in Los Angeles at the end of the last century when people were in the grip of ‘1999 Syndrome’ – a bit ‘wordy’ though, but still enjoyable.


  2. So glad you enjoyed this one as well as you did, Cleo. I like Brookmyre’s work, and I think the Parlabane series is a good one. I hope you’ll enjoy the others as you get to them.


  3. After reading Black Widow, I went on Amazon and got the first books in the series! I feel Brookmyre can plunge you in any setting and keep you interested. Anything IT-related would both scare and bore me, but I’m sure that with this author, I’m bound to love every aspect of the book. I can’t wait to have enough time to catch up with the series!


  4. This sounds really good Cleo! I haven’t heard of this author but I love the idea of getting to know Jack who seems flawed and interesting. I also think the world of hacking is scary yet intriguing. Will check this one out, great review!


  5. Great review, I don’t really like IT based books but Ive also heard great things about this author and Ive been meaning to read about him!


  6. Great review and I agree with you on everything. I liked the cyber-crime angle. It felt so relevant to today’s society. I started this series with Black Widow(book 7) and it was amazing. I hope to catch up with the rest of the books too.


  7. I’m glad you enjoyed it! Despite abandoning this one, I’ll also be seeking out the earlier books (assuming they’re not PT!). I certainly enjoyed number 7, Black Widow… 🙂

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