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This Week in Books (April 12)

This Week In Books
Hosted by Lipsy Lost & Found my Wednesday post gives you a taste of what I am reading this week. A similar meme is run by Taking on a World of Words

My current read is The Killer on the Wall by Emma Kavanagh which will be published on 20 April 2017.


The first body comes as a shock
The second brings horror
The third signals the beginning of a nightmare

When fifteen-year-old Isla Bell finds three bodies propped against Hadrian’s Wall, her whole world falls apart. In such a close-knit community, everyone knows the victims, and the man who did it.
Twenty years on and Isla has dedicated her life to forensic psychology; studying the brains of serial killers, and even coming face to face with the convicted murderer who turned her world upside down. She is safe after all, with him behind bars.
Then another body appears against the Wall.
And another.
As the nightmare returns and the body count rises, everyone in town is a suspect.
Who is the Killer on the Wall? NetGalley

The last book I finished was Simon Said by Sarah R Shaber as part of my Mount TBR 2017 having bought the eBook in June 2015.


Forensic historian Simon Shaw likes his murders old and cold, and his first case fits the bill. An archeologist friend has found a skeleton with a bullet hole in its skull under historic Bloodworth House, and Simon investigates with his usual doggedness until he discovers that the corpse is Anne Bloodworth, an heiress who disappeared in 1926. Shaw feels compelled to find out who killed her. But this turns out to be more than an academic exercise when someone who wants to hide past secrets tries to murder him! Amazon

Next up I plan to read Little Deaths by Emma Fling which keeps slipping down the TBR.


It’s the summer of 1965, and the streets of Queens, New York shimmer in a heatwave. One July morning, Ruth Malone wakes to find a bedroom window wide open and her two young children missing. After a desperate search, the police make a horrifying discovery.
Noting Ruth’s perfectly made-up face and provocative clothing, the empty liquor bottles and love letters that litter her apartment, the detectives leap to convenient conclusions, fuelled by neighbourhood gossip and speculation. Sent to cover the case on his first major assignment, tabloid reporter Pete Wonicke at first can’t help but do the same. But the longer he spends watching Ruth, the more he learns about the darker workings of the police and the press. Soon, Pete begins to doubt everything he thought he knew.
Ruth Malone is enthralling, challenging and secretive – is she really capable of murder?
Haunting, intoxicating and heart-poundingly suspenseful, Little Deaths by Emma Flint is a gripping debut novel about love, morality and obsession, exploring the capacity for good and evil within us all. Amazon

So that’s my reading this week; what does yours look like?


A book lover who clearly has issues as obsessed with crime despite leading a respectable life

36 thoughts on “This Week in Books (April 12)

  1. All three books look gripping – oh, to have the time to read everything! However, as that’s just not feasible I’ll choose one and it will be Emma Kavanagh, an author I have recently discovered and whose writing I greatly admire.


  2. I really like the cover of The Killer on the Wall. Weirdly, the title makes me think of spiders, haha! I have yet to read anything from this author. I’m looking forward to your review! Happy reading! x


  3. Little Deaths has some great reviews. I hope that you will enjoy it. I look forward to your review of Killer on the wall. It is one of my next reads though I have one book to go first.


  4. I’m glad you got the chance to read the Shaber, Cleo. I think that’s a nicely-done series, and I like the Simon Shaw character. She does an effective job with the setting, too. I’ll be interested in what you think of the Kavanaugh, as well.


  5. Little Deaths sounds interesting. I hadn’t run across that title. I look forward to seeing what you think of it.


  6. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on The Killer on the Wall! I’ve been swithering over Little Deaths too – one minute I see a glowing review and get enthusiastic… and then the next review isn’t quite so glowing… Which way will yours go, I wonder??


  7. Talk about some eye catching covers! These all sound good to me. I’m reading Crossing In Time, a time travel scifi by D.L. Orton and loving it.


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