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This Week in Books (February 1)

This Week In Books

Hosted by Lipsyy Lost & Found my Wednesday post gives you a taste of what I am reading this week. A similar meme is run by Taking on a World of Words

Well January has passed in a flash so onto February’s reading!

I am currently reading the much-anticipated He Said/She Said by Erin Kelly and I’m glad to say I got that ‘I’m in a safe pair of hands’ feeling when I started this one, I’m really enjoying it. He Said/She Said will be published on 20 April 2017.



In the hushed aftermath of a total eclipse, Laura witnesses a brutal attack.
She and her boyfriend Kit call the police, and in that moment, it is not only the victim’s life that is changed forever.
Fifteen years on, Laura and Kit live in fear.
And while Laura knows she was right to speak out, the events that follow have taught her that you can never see the whole picture: something – and someone – is always in the dark… Amazon

I have just finished Rush of Blood by Mark Billingham a dark story about holiday friendships which despite being a standalone we do get a brief glimpse of DI Tom Thorne.
You can read an excerpt here


Perfect strangers.
A perfect holiday.
The perfect murder…
Three couples meet around the pool on their Florida holiday and become fast friends. But on their last night, their perfect holiday takes a tragic twist: the teenage daughter of another holidaymaker goes missing, and her body is later found floating in the mangroves.
When the shocked couples return home, they remain in contact, and over the course of three increasingly fraught dinner parties they come to know one another better. But they don’t always like what they find: buried beneath these apparently normal exteriors are some dark secrets, hidden kinks, ugly vices… Amazon

Next up I will be reading Kate Hamer’s The Doll Funeral which is set in The Forest of Dean, where I grew up. The hardback will be published on 16 February 2017 but it is available for the kindle now.



My name is Ruby. I live with Barbara and Mick. They’re not my real parents, but they tell me what to do, and what to say. I’m supposed to say that the bruises on my arms and the black eye came from falling down the stairs.
But there are things I won’t say. I won’t tell them I’m going to hunt for my real parents. I don’t say a word about Shadow, who sits on the stairs, or the Wasp Lady I saw on the way to bed. Amazon

So what are you reading this week? Go on you know you want to share!


A book lover who clearly has issues as obsessed with crime despite leading a respectable life

37 thoughts on “This Week in Books (February 1)

  1. I’ve read the first two. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on He Said / She Said, I enjoyed it but had some reservations too and dying to discuss with someone. I’m reading Behind Her Eyes right now 😊


  2. I was sooo tempted by He Said She Said when I spotted it on NetGalley. Worryingly I can’t remember whether I caved and requested despite my intention to hold firm and not add any more to my shelf. I suppose I’ll find out if I get an email saying my request was approved 🙂


  3. All these books are new to me but they sound really interesting.Doll Funeral sounds spooky but intriguing.I hope that they will all be great reads.Happy reading!


  4. I’m also going to be reading The Doll Funeral soon, for a review on Crime Fiction Lover, so we can compare notes! And it’s nice to open a book and feel that you are in a safe pair of hands, isn’t it?


    1. My desire to read The Doll Funeral was totally led by the fact it’s set in the Forest of Dean with a protagonist the age I was at the time the book was set – it seemed like I had to read it 🙂
      There is something immensely satisfying when that elusive feeling when a book matches you perfectly in style and content.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I’ve been reading Robert Burton’s The Anatomy of Melancholy (pub:1630s) – one of the earliest books written about depression. It’s very long and in parts quite funny but perhaps not the best read when the sun isn’t shining much!


    1. An interesting choice Victoria and at least it is lifted by some humour… The fact that they were writing about depression so far back in history surprised me but of course on reflection the condition has probably been around as long as man himself.

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  6. The Doll Funeral sounds deliciously creepy, Cleo. I can see why you’re interested in reading that one. As always, the rest of your selections look great, too.


  7. I’ve been so tempted to request He Said, She Said but am trying to resist adding to my review book TBR until I’ve caught up a bit. It sounds like a great read though, I hope you enjoy it. I’m also keen to read The Doll Funeral – I didn’t know it was out on Kindle already so I’ll add that to my wishlist. I hope you enjoy it, I’ll look forward to your review.
    Here’s my www post:


  8. I’ve got 2 of these pre-ordered – HE SAID, SHE SAID and THE DOLL FUNERAL. And the 3rd is winging it’s way to me right now. I have no self control. LOL


  9. I’ll be interested to hear what you think of He Said/She Said. I wasn’t sure about it so didn’t request on Netgalley. I’m currently reading Distress Signals and liking it


  10. Love the sound of The Doll Funeral & Rush of Blood! Both of those are going on my tbr!

    Here’s my post for this week. Happy reading! 🙂


  11. I’m looking forward to your review of He Said/She Said. Again, I resisted it (aren’t I the total Queen of Willpower?) but I could easily be swayed since I enjoyed her last book so much…


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