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20 Books of Summer 2016! #20booksofsummer

20 Books of Summer 2016

Cathy at Cathy 746 has a yearly challenge to read twenty books over the summer months starting on 1 June 2016 and running until 5 September 2016, and I’ve decided to join her. In preparation I had already decided not to read ARCs during June to get me off to a flying start.

As I’m competitive I’m signing up for the full twenty. My personal challenge is to read these twenty books from my bookshelf, physical books that I already own before today. Funnily enough I have plenty to choose from… a whole 95 in fact!

Because I know that facts in one book tend to lead me to seek out other books in my tangential reading style, I’ve decided to start with a spread of genres and authors for the first ten books – fat books, thin books and books inbetween! I will post the next ten when these are all finished hopefully mid-July, if I’m on schedule!

The links below will take you to the Goodreads description

The Testament of Youth by Vera Britten

The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters

The Poison Principle by Gail Bell

The Curious Habits of Doctor Adams by Jane Robins

Other People’s Secrets by Louise Candlish

You Should Have Known by Jean Hanff Korelitz

An Awfully Big Adventure by Beryl Bainbridge

Pictures of Perfection (Dalziel & Pascoe #13) by Reginald Hill

Buried Angels (Patrik Hedström #8) by Camilla Läckberg

The Shrimp and the Anemone by L.P. Hartley

I will be joining Cathy by tweeting my way through the challenge using the hashtag #20booksofsummer and I will provide (a yet to be decided logo) to demonstrate when one of my reads is part of this challenge!

PicMonkey Collage

Like last year there will be a master page linking the titles to my reviews as they are posted, and of course eventually listing the entire twenty books.

There’s still time to join in and Cathy has also provided a 10 Books of Summer image or even a 15 Books of Summer image for those of you who feel aiming for 20 is quite frankly ridiculous. Visit Cathy to get the full details here

So what do you think to my choices? Do you have any suggestions on where I should start or perhaps you think some of these need to be put back on the shelf and forgotten about? All comments welcomed!


A book lover who clearly has issues as obsessed with crime despite leading a respectable life

68 thoughts on “20 Books of Summer 2016! #20booksofsummer

  1. This sounds a great idea Cleo and one I ought to think about myself. I might challenge myself to clear 20 off my review list without adding more. That would free up time to get to my own shelves. Good luck with your reading.


    1. Thank you Jill – I decided it was an opportunity to look at what I own and chose books I really want to read – I have some arcs for July onwards but June is for my books – plus I’m going on my hols so extra reading time 😊

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  2. A nice selection, Cleo. I’ve just read An Awfully Big Adventure for Annabel’s Beryl Bainbridge week – it’s great, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too. Happy reading!


    1. Thank you! The Sarah Waters book is the only re-read on the list and chosen because I’ve decided to read the entire series after recently (well relatively) reading The Paying Guests and The Night Watch, both of which I utterly adored.


  3. Testament of Youth is terrific. Enjoy your summer reading, look forward to seeing what you think of your chosen books and which you enjoyed the most.


      1. Oh that sounds perfect! Fingersmith is my favourite novel of hers and that’s one I could never bear to part with. I LOVED The Paying Guests which didn’t have such great reviews-i have no idea why, I thought it was wonderful!


  4. Wow, how humbling – I haven’t read any of these books! It’s a great challenge to read 20 books in the summer and I’m looking forward to your reviews and recommendations!


  5. I really like the sound of that challenge, Cleo! It’s a nice way to focus on the TBR books (of which I’ve plenty, believe me!). And you’ve chosen some interesting-sounding books, too. I’ll be keen to know what you think of them.


    1. It is about time I got through some of the pile Margot and I’ve got such a lot of books that I really want to read – I’m aiming to lay off acquiring too many new books and really make a dent in the old TBR but we’ll see how we go!

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  6. What a wonderful plan! I have been itching to read The Little Stranger ever since I read (and loved) The Paying Guests.

    I started reading You Should Have Known, and for some reason, I set it aside…just not engaged. But I’m sure I will try it again.

    I also love the look of Other People’s Secrets.

    Enjoy your 20 books, and these ten should start you off nicely. Thanks for sharing.


  7. I was thinking about this but I rarely succeed in these challenges. It sounds like fun though. Of your list I’ve only read one – The Little Stranger, which I loved. Good Luck!

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  8. I’ll probably join in, can I ask – do these have to be YOUR books as opposed to ones sent to you by publishers? And do they have to be physical books, not books from the Kindle? If these are the rules, that would be great in helping me get rid of some of my books that have been hanging about for yonks!


  9. I’m in again this year too, Cleo. I was going to do like you and just choose ten books to begin since I had to change several part way through last summer. But then I saw I already had eighteen with just planned group reads, so . . . working on the last couple, lol.


    1. Great news I can’t wait to see your picks, when you chose the last two. I think I have the next ten pretty much sorted but I did want some wriggle room as I do tend to flit around areas of interest quite alarmingly and unexpectedly.

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    1. Oh excellent news – that sounds like three that will work for me too. I had another Reginald Hill that I was tempted to add (maybe in the second ten) but this one really appealed.
      I’ve now seen your post which has some fab choices on it too!


    1. The number of books should be straightforward it’s not staying away from the review books that will snarl this one up – this year I’ve prepared by refusing things for June but despite that a few have snuck in.


  10. Ooh, loads of goodies there! Loved The Shrimp and the Anemone, loved Dr Adams, loved The Little Stranger, and Pictures of Perfection is one of my favourites in the Dalziel and Pascoe series. Looking forward to seeing if you can tempt me with any of the others!


    1. Thank you – I do have some lovely books that in that very messy cupboard of mine! The ones you have mentioned are all high on the list – I’m hoping that this summer I’m going to really enjoy my reads and edge a little away from the endless crime (but of course I couldn’t leave it out)


        1. Never read either of those two… OK I’m in too, because if I don’t take part I’ll be the odd one out at this rate! I’ll put the nice heading in place and pick ten books – physical books, no ebooks. I shouldn’t include any ARCs but may have to as I’ve already agreed to do blog tours, but I will try to stick to my own physical books. It’ll also give me a chance to review books that are a wee bit different from the norm. Like Cleo, I’ll do a first ten, then see how I stand – hopefully ready for a second ten. (Ooh! Just remembered I’ll be in Glasgow and there’s a huge Waterstones – will have to lose Mr C though as he gets his moany hat on in bookshops, especially once I get beyond 4 or 5 books…. I’ll just tell him I’m buying shoes!)

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  11. I like Sarah Waters’ books, too. I have some more to read. Good idea to take a bit out of the books at home. I should do that, too. But I have a big birthday in July and already have a pile of books in the cart at Book Depository.
    I haven’t heard of several books on your list, but I will read about them.
    Ah, summer, wish I could read, drink iced tea and eat chocolate frozen yogurt all day. Good luck.


  12. I enjoyed the Little Stranger, and have also The Testament of Youth on my TBR shelf… Good choices, Cleopatra! I will be looking forward to your reviews. Happy Summer reading! 🙂


  13. Great idea. I adore Sarah Waters so would probably kick off with that one. Haven’t read that particular one yet so can’t wait to hear what you think of it.


      1. It’s been a while since I have read a Sarah Water’s book. My re-visit for my 10 books of summer. Thanks for reminding me of a fantastic author!


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