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#CoverReveal – Hidden Legacy by G.J. Minett

The Hidden Legacy Cover Reveal

I was honoured and thrilled to be asked by the lovely Emily Burns from Midas PR to reveal the cover for the paperback verion of The Hidden Legacy which will be available on 25 August 2016 by Twenty7 books. This book really wowed me and so I think it is fitting it has such a brilliant new cover, one that will soon be gracing bookshelves up and down the land – Isn’t it a beauty?


1966. A horrifying crime at a secondary school, with devastating consequences for all involved.
2008. A life-changing gift, if only the recipient can work out why . . .
Recently divorced and with two young children, Ellen Sutherland is up to her elbows in professional and personal stress. When she’s invited to travel all the way to Cheltenham to hear the content of an old woman’s will, she’s far from convinced the journey will be worthwhile.
But when she arrives, the news is astounding. Eudora Nash has left Ellen a beautiful cottage worth an amount of money that could turn her life around. There’s just one problem – Ellen has never even heard of Eudora Nash.
Her curiosity piqued, Ellen and her friend Kate travel to the West Country in search of answers. But they are not the only ones interested in the cottage, and Ellen little imagines how much she has to learn about her past . . . Amazon

The Hidden Legacy was initially published in eBook format on 5 November 2015 which is how the publishers Twenty7 Books launch the debut novels they have hand-picked for our delight. There was little doubt that it would make one of my Top Ten Books of 2015 Readers of my blog may have been able to predict this as the tone was somewhat gushing, it started like this…

Every now and again a book really hits all the individual spots that make perfect reading experience for me, this is one of those books!

You can read the rest of the review here

I’m not the only one to be deeply impressed by this book, 99 other reviewers on Amazon UK have also awarded The Hidden Legacy the full five stars!!

When I was contemplating which book to recommend to Maxine on the blog set up in her memory Petrona Remembered,  it didn’t take me long to realise this was the one that was the best fit for an ‘intelligent’ crime novel and even better it is immensely readable.

That post started like this…

…being a lover of ‘intelligent’ crime fiction and in my opinion this book, a debut novel, fits that phrase exactly. The Hidden Legacy doesn’t just have excellent plotting, it is one of those books that ask the big ‘moral’ questions wrapped up in a story that touches on some big issues.

Interested? You can read the rest of this review which talks about the many layers to this book, the different time periods and narratives, here

But better still if you prefer reading a physical book then you can pre-order this now and plan to finish the summer with a bang!!

If now you’ve read more about this book you can’t wait to August why don’t you purchase it for your eReader?

You can tweet with Graham at @GJMinett or follow him on Facebook G.J.Minett author – he really is such a lovely man so I can’t quite work out how he dreamt up the shocking opening to The Hidden Legacy


A book lover who clearly has issues as obsessed with crime despite leading a respectable life

20 thoughts on “#CoverReveal – Hidden Legacy by G.J. Minett

  1. Very annoyed to find this is not available in my library. I dont tend to buy crime fiction because I know I read them only once but this time I might have to break that rule


  2. That definitely is an attention-getting cover, Cleo! And although I’ve not (yet) read the book, I have heard great things about it. I’m very glad it ticked all of the boxes for you.


  3. That’s a sumptious cover and marvellously successful in that – I haven’t read the book, but am immediately intrigued. I would definitely pick this up in a bookshop…….what is going on……………OK so I’m off to read your review, I must know what is going on………


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