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This Week In Books (September 23)

This Week In Books

Hosted by Lypsyy Lost & Found my Wednesday post gives you a taste of what I am reading this week. A similar meme is run by Taking on a World of Words

I’ve not done much in the way of reading over the last week – but here we go; I am currently reading The Night Watch by Sarah Waters

The Night Watch

Check out yesterday’s post for the synopsis and a taster from this

I have finished Where They Found Her by Kimberley McCreight, definitely a mystery that held my attention (my lack of reading at the moment is more down to spending time with ‘real’ people than the books not holding my attention)

Where They Found Her


The very worst crimes are those we commit against the ones we love
Motherhood hasn’t come at all easy for Molly Anderson. But she’s finally enjoying life as mother to five-year-old Ella and as Arts reporter for the small but respectable Ridgedale Reader. That is, until a body is found in the woods adjacent to Ridgedale University’s ivy-covered campus. This is a discovery that threatens to unearth secrets long buried by the town’s most powerful residents, and brings Molly to two women who are far more deeply connected than they have ever realised.
Where They Found Her is a riveting domestic thriller which offers a searing portrait of motherhood, marriage, class distinctions and the damage wrought by betrayal. NetGalley

My review will follow shortly

Next I intend to read Boxes by Pascal Garnier



He was the sole survivor of the natural disaster that at one time or another strikes us all, known as ‘moving house’.
Brice and Emma had bought their new home in the countryside together. And then Emma disappeared. Now, as he awaits her return, Brice busies himself with DIY and walks around the village.
He gradually comes to know his new neighbours including Blanche, an enigmatic woman in white, who has lived on her own in the big house by the graveyard since the death of her father, to whom Brice bears a curious resemblance… NetGalley

What are you reading this week?

See what I’ve been reading in 2015 here


A book lover who clearly has issues as obsessed with crime despite leading a respectable life

36 thoughts on “This Week In Books (September 23)

  1. Curious to hear what you think of Boxes – it’s not been my favourite Pascal Garnier, but he is always an interesting read. I am a sucker for domestic thrillers, even though some of them have been a bit samey recently, so I like the sound of Where They Found Her – and Sarah Waters is always a good bet for an interesting read!
    Myself, I was planning a more testosterone heavey September, but have ended up reading a lot of women again. I’ve just finished Shirley Hazzard’s People in Glass Houses, which is one of the most uncannily accurate and satirical representations of the UN (or international agencies or corporate life in general) that I’ve ever come across. I’m currently reading The Wastelanders, YA in the Hunger Games mode, so very different to my usual reading, but I’m enjoying it – that’s a male author, as is the upcoming read: Fall of Man in Wilmslow, a crime fiction type account of Alan Turing. Sounds intriguing!


    1. Oh it is always good to mix up your reading from time to time so good to hear you are enjoying The Wastelanders. I have to say I really enjoyed Where They Found Her although I do think I’ve overdosed a little on the domestic noir lately! I wanted to try one of Pascal Garnier’s books so I’ll bear in mind that it isn’t his best.


    1. I’m not too far through – my reading time has been severely depleted the last few weeks but she does write in a very detailed way in all of her books – not normally a style I like but I do in these books (I know that makes no sense whatsoever)

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  2. Loved “The Night Watch” but not as much as “Fingersmith” and “Tipping The Velvet”. Haven’t read “The Paying Guest” yet so a little disappointed to read that people are a little down on it on here- The one that was a little slow for me was “The Little Stranger”. Sarah Waters is a great writer though!


  3. Still haven’t read any Sarah Waters but The Paying Guests is on my list for this year.
    I’m reading A Gap in Time by Jeanette Winterson this week – it’s a retelling of Shakespeare’s A Winter’s Tale.


      1. Gap in Time is interesting. I think it’s the first in a series of modern retellings by various different authors.

        At the end of each year I do a round up of the books that appear on multiple ‘best of the year’ book lists – a ‘best of the best’ so to speak. The Paying Guests was in the top three last year.


  4. I’ve been wondering about Where They Found Her, Cleo. It certainly sounds like a good read. And I’ll be very interested to know what you think of Boxes. It may not be Garnier’s finest, but still interesting, as Marina Sofia says.


  5. I found The Paying Guest slow too, so undecided about The Night Watch, but as I’ve enjoyed other books by Sarah Waters I expect I will try it. I don’t know the other two authors, but their books both sound good reads – I maybe more drawn to Boxes, but that could be just because I like the cat’s eyes on the cover – silly reason, I know!


  6. I liked Where They Found Her and have The Paying Guests checked out of the library. Have not heard of Boxes, but I’ll watch for your thoughts. And also for your take on The Night Watch.


  7. I am finding that my reading is suffering by spending time not reading and not down to lack of connection to books too! 🙂 Have a great reading week!


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