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This Week In Books (March 11)

This Week In Books

With other blogs undergoing changes some of you will have seen my books for the week posted on Mondays but this really didn’t suit my reading and reviewing habits so I have decided to join Lypsyy Lost & Found and revert to a Wednesday post instead. Ideally this way  when I get back on top of my reviews there won’t be an inordinate wait for any book I feature to have its accompanying review.

I am currently reading The Night Falling by Katherine Webb set in Italy in 1921.

The Night Falling


Puglia, Italy, 1921.
Leandro returns home now a rich man with a glamorous American wife, determined to make his mark. But how did he get so wealthy – and what haunts his outwardly exuberant wife?
Boyd, quiet English architect, is hired to build Leandro’s dreams. But why is he so afraid of Leandro, and what really happened between them years before, in New York?
Clare, Boyd’s diffident wife, is summoned to Puglia with her stepson. At first desperate to leave, she soon finds a compelling reason to stay.
Ettore, starving, poor and grieving for his lost fiancée, is too proud to ask his Uncle Leandro for help. Until events conspire to force his hand.
Tensions are high as poverty leads veterans of the Great War to the brink of rebellion. And under the burning sky, a reckless love and a violent enmity will bring brutal truths to light… NetGalley

I have just finished reading Out of the Silence by Wendy James which is a powerful novel that looks at the lives of women at the turn of the century. The setting is Australia but apart from the nicer weather this could be the UK, the same lack of choices for women both married and unmarried are examined in depth against the true story. This book is well-structured to give multiple viewpoints, some of which I confess to finding repellent but then I have choices, living as I do in the Twenty-First Century.

My review of Out of the Silence will be posted soon

Out of the Silence

Next up is the seventh in the Ruth Galloway series The Ghost Fields by Elly Griffiths

The Ghost Fields

Norfolk is experiencing a July heatwave when a construction crew unearths a macabre discovery – a buried WWII plane with the pilot still inside. Forensic archaeologist Ruth Galloway quickly realizes that the skeleton couldn’t possibly be the pilot, and DNA tests identify the man as Fred Blackstock, a local aristocrat who had been reported dead at sea. When the remaining members of the Blackstock family learn about the discovery, they seem strangely frightened by the news.
Events are further complicated by a TV company that wants to make a film about Norfolk’s deserted air force bases, the so-called Ghost Fields, which have been partially converted into a pig farm run by one of the younger Blackstocks. As production begins, Ruth notices a mysterious man lurking close to the Blackstocks’ family home.
Then human bones are found on the family’s pig farm. Can the team outrace a looming flood to find a killer? NetGalley

What are you reading this week? Please share in the comments box below.

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12 thoughts on “This Week In Books (March 11)

  1. Oooh, the next Elly Griffiths Ruth Galloway book! Can’t wait for that one. And I’m so glad you liked Out of the Silence. It’s a powerful read, I think. It sounds as though The Night Falling is a good ‘un, too. Looking forward to your full review of that.


  2. A lot of interesting books this week! I love the sound of The Night Falling; a historical fiction novel set in Italy and a main character with the same name as my hubby… Sounds like the perfect read to me. 😀 The Ruth Galloway series looks like an interesting series to check out, as well as the Out Of Silence novel.

    Happy reading! Here’s my WWW.


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