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Broadchurch: The Leaving of Claire Ripley – Erin Kelly

Short Story 4*'s
Short Story

So we are now nearing the end of the TV series and the pace is still fast and furious, the prosecution and the defence have done their worst with their closing speeches, the judge has reminded the jurors that the defence doesn’t have to prove anything, that is up to the prosecution. The jurors leave to deliberate and they file back into court… meanwhile we the viewers are still trying to work out what exactly happened in Sandbrook are Hardy and Miller going to be able to solve the mystery before the end of the second series?

So to the book, and as anyone who has watched the series will know Claire clearly knows more about Sandbrook than she’s given up so far and this short story goes way back, before she left Wales and once again Erin Kelly has come up with a believable back story. I like the way the author has kept the character authentic, not the same, not the repeat of a past episode but behaviour absolutely in line with the more mature Claire that we have been seeing on our TV screens.

Having enormously enjoyed, and looked forward to, these shorts every Tuesday I will be bereft when I read the final episode next week and will be searching for a replacement to treat myself with.


A book lover who clearly has issues as obsessed with crime despite leading a respectable life

2 thoughts on “Broadchurch: The Leaving of Claire Ripley – Erin Kelly

  1. I’m very happy for you, Cleo, that you’ve enjoyed the Broadchurch experience as you have. And I know exactly what you mean about feeling bereft when a show you’ve loved ends. I’ve had that experience too. Well, you have the books anyway to remind you…


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