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Broadchurch: Over The Side – Erin Kelly

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Short Story

Well this addition to the Broadchurch TV series just gets better and this time I think those of us that are reading the excerpts got an insight that those haven’t will miss out on. Why? Well this weeks episode tells the story from Tess, Alec Hardy’s wife. In this week’s episode we met her for the first time, being hostile to Alec’s continued obsession with the Sandbrook case where there were two missing girls, one a young girl and one a teenager.

The indications in this book that Tess was somewhat distracted at the time of the disappearance of the girls and Alec, right from the start was working all the hours, hardly seeing his wife so all-encompassing was his desire to find the girls and solve the mystery of why and how they disappeared. We already know that the trial collapsed and the chief suspect’s wife is undergoing an unconventional witness protection scene at Broadchurch. This book, well-written and enlightening gives the reader an insight into the motivation behind this bizarre decision.

I’d give this one the full five stars but the books are just a little too short to fully justify a top rating.


A book lover who clearly has issues as obsessed with crime despite leading a respectable life

6 thoughts on “Broadchurch: Over The Side – Erin Kelly

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Cleo. I think the whole concept of weaving a set of written stories into a television series in a complementary way like that is just really interesting!


  2. We’re in the US and don’t get Broadchurch until March. Where do you get the little books and they’re published one a week to go with the current episode? March is taking way too long getting here!


    1. Each week we get one book published for the kindle at midnight following the show. This is a bit of a gimmick as the books don’t directly relate to the episode aired, they are all background but this week we met Alec’s wife (briefly) and she appeared in the book. It’s nearly February and I’d heard you got your own version in the US too?


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