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Broadchurch: Old Friends – Erin Kelly

Short Story 4*'s
Short Story

I have to admit I’ve now got to the point where I’m really looking forward to the short story that follows each episode of Broadchurch season 2 which airs on a Monday evening; so today my lunch break consisted of a cup of coffee and this, the third in the series.

So last night on Broadchurch we had some chasing through fields, a witness who is behaving very suspiciously, a birth and DI Miller giving evidence for the prosecution. The QC for the prosecution is Jocelyn and today’s short gives us her background including her links to Broadchurch. I for one had wondered how long she had been in that house when there was no sight of her during the first series!! Even better this short gave us a chance to catch up with a character from the first series, really very clever!

As always the short doesn’t give anything away to the TV series, this is background, well-written and in this episode well thought out and made me feel like I’d had a sneak preview behind the scenes.

This is my favourite of these books so far and I’ve now got them all on pre-order, I’m sold!


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13 thoughts on “Broadchurch: Old Friends – Erin Kelly

  1. I’m glad you’re enjoying these stories, Cleo. I’ve not had the opportunity to see Broadchurch (the television show). But I think it’s innovative to have stories written that are woven together with the show.


  2. They’re not giving anything away but are the television watchers losing out by not buying the book? Wouldn’t they be interested to know why she wasn’t in series one? It’s why I’m a bit miffed by it all and haven’t watched any after episode one.


    1. I don’t think that the TV watchers miss out on anything but it adds a bit more knowledge about the characters. I understand where you are coming from and it has taken me until this one to be convinced but now I enjoy my bit of escapism for the week!


  3. I just read Captured by Neil Cross and didn’t like it at all but a few years ago, I read his Always the Sun which was phenomenal. One of those instances of realizing that if I’d read Captured first, I probably wouldn’t have tried Always the Sun and that would have been a loss.
    There are so many books out there, it’s not easy to talk myself into a second novel by an author when I didn’t like the first try.


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