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Broadchurch: The Letter – Erin Kelly

Short Story 4*'s
Short Story

So how are you enjoying the show now the trial has started and two witnesses have taken to the stand, evidence has been disallowed and there is still the mystery of what happened in Sandybrook… plenty to keep us entertained. Even better there was another short story penned by Erin Kelly to keep me Broadchurch centric the next day!

In Broadchurch: The Letter we are given a little more background to Broadchurch, this time from Maggie’s perspective as the whole town are preparing for Joe Millar’s trial. Maggie runs the newspaper office and is railing against the cutbacks, after all she has been in the industry for over thirty years. This sequence, like the first book, gives us another look at a character, and after all in Broadchurch all the characters have something important to add!

Alongside this there is a little sub-plot about other events going on in the area, which hasn’t featured on the TV series, yet, but serves to show Maggie’s determination to investigate, all tools of a reporter’s trade! What she finds surprises her but she has never been one to back away from an awkward situation.

This series of shorts are great for coffee-break reading and I read mine the day after the TV show aired, in all honesty so far neither short has revealed anything so far so eking them out feels more like a gimmick but one I’m happy to enjoy.


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10 thoughts on “Broadchurch: The Letter – Erin Kelly

  1. I have to admit, Cleo, I’ve not yet seen the series. It sounds as though the books are really quite closely tied to the TV production, too. But hey, if you’re aware something’s a gimmick and still enjoy it, why not? And I’m all for things that get people into bookshops and libraries and so on.


  2. The trial is over, isn’t it?! *frantically backpedals to Monday in my brain with little success…* Or is it just that the confession was disallowed? (Which will amount to the same thing, clearly.) When I saw the actresses playing the barristers, I was quite excited, thinking this series was going to be an epic courtroom battle, which I love, although I know many people don’t. But it isn’t. So I don’t know where we’re going, which is great, although I suspect we’re going to deal with Sandbrook as much as Broadchurch. I said to Christine at Northern Crime that I reckoned Maggie and Jocelyn had been a couple previously – they certainly were very close, at one point in time. I love them – tough smart professional women over 40. We need more characters like them on tv.


    1. I think you’re probably right, we are having a Sandbrook/trial with evidence disallowed (in front of the jury??) Since I’ve bought into the storyline I’ll just ignore the inaccuracies now and enjoy the ride! It is good to see older, intelligent women having proper roles, hopefully the tide is turning and we will start to see a more representative mix in these types of dramas.


  3. i found some of the events in this week’s episode ludicrous – if a police officer was as useless as Tennant proved to be with the witness he was supposed to be protecting, I’m surprised he’s even lasted this long in the force


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