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WWW Wednesday (October 1)

WWW Wednesday green

Hosted by Miz B at Should be Reading

To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…
• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?

I am currently reading, and thoroughly absorbed by A Week in Paris by Rachel Hore, a dual time-line novel

A Week in Paris


The streets of Paris hide a dark past…
September, 1937. Kitty Travers enrols at the Conservatoire on the banks of the Seine to pursue her dream of becoming a concert pianist. But then war breaks out and the city of light falls into shadow.
Nearly twenty-five years later, Fay Knox, a talented young violinist, visits Paris on tour with her orchestra. She barely knows the city, so why does it feel so familiar? Soon touches of memory become something stronger, and she realises her connection with these streets runs deeper than she ever expected.
As Fay traces the past, with only an address in an old rucksack to help her, she discovers dark secrets hidden years ago, secrets that cause her to question who she is and where she belongs…
A compelling story of war, secrets, family and enduring love. Amazon

Revealing a totally different set of secrets was my recent read, This Little Piggy by Bea Davenport. This crime novel from written from the point of view of a local journalist during the miner’s strike in 1984.
Click on the book cover to read my review

This Little Piggy

Next I am going to read Hide and Seek by Amy Bird which has been published in three parts, the first being free on kindle.

Hide and Seek


Nobody’s life is ever perfect. Families tell lies. People keep secrets. But the life which Will and Ellie Spears have built together is as perfect as it’s possible to be.
Until one day something is let slip. A discovery is made. And all of a sudden Ellie and Will’s life falls down, as acceptance gives way to an obsessive search for answers. Families tell lies. People keep secrets. But sometimes the truth is much more dangerous. NetGalley

What are you reading this week? Please share in the comments below.


A book lover who clearly has issues as obsessed with crime despite leading a respectable life

15 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday (October 1)

  1. Cleo – Oh, yes, I remember your mentioning Hide and Seek. It does sound appealing. And it’s good to hear that you’re drawn in by A Week in Paris. I want to put that one on my list, and I’ll be keen to read what you think of it.


    1. I must admit I’m pleased my copy has all three parts in one volume as I’m not a fan of reading books in parts. A Week in Paris has been a much gentler read than normal although certainly thought-provoking


  2. I was going to say ‘published in 3 parts’ sounds weird, but I suppose that used to be how loads of books were published. Still not sure I’d like having to wait for an installment to come out though…


    1. Damnation! Something screwy about that link and I can’t figure out what. It takes you to an Oops! page, the link’s the top one on the left of the page! Sorry! My garbage computing skills letting me down, as per usual!


  3. How does that publication in three parts work in practice? Are they all published at the same time and then you buy them separately or is there a time delay between each part?


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