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WWW Wednesday (September 3)

WWW Wednesday green

Hosted by Miz B at Should be Reading
To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…
• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?

I am currently reading The Mysterious Affair at Castaway House by Stephanie Lam

The Mysterious Affair at Castaway House


It’s 1965 and eighteen year-old Rosie Churchill has run away to the beautiful but run-down Castaway House in the seaside town of Helmstone. But when she uncovers a scandal locked away in the walls of the old house, she soon comes to realise that neither her own troubled past nor that of the house will stay buried for long. . .
In 1924 fresh-faced Robert Carver comes to Castaway House to spend a languid summer in the company of his much wealthier cousin, Alec Bray. But the Brays are a damaged family, with damaging secrets. And little does Robert know that his world is about to change for ever.
As Rosie begins to learn more about Robert, the further she is drawn into the mysterious history of the house, and their stories, old and new, entwine. NetGalley

I have just finished The Sea Garden by Deborah Lawrenson, a historical novel told in three separate parts which are cleverly drawn together for a fantastic finale.

Click on the book cover to read my review

The Sea Garden

Next I am going to read Because She Loves Me by Mark Edwards after really enjoying, and book-pushing The Magpies by the same author, I have high hopes for this one.

Because She Loves Me


When Andrew Sumner meets beautiful, edgy Charlie, he is certain his run of bad luck has finally come to an end.
But as the two of them embark on an intense affair, Andrew wonders if his grasp on reality is slipping. Items go missing in his apartment. Somebody appears to be following him. And as misfortune and tragedy strike his friends and loved ones, Andrew is forced to confront the frightening truth…
Is Charlie really the girl of his dreams – or the woman of his nightmares? NetGalley

Please share your reads for the week with me in the comments below.


A book lover who clearly has issues as obsessed with crime despite leading a respectable life

35 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday (September 3)

  1. Cleo – I’m quite keen to read …Castaway House. It sounds terrific. And Because She Loves Me sounds like a great psychological thriller. I’ll be really interested in your thoughts on it when you’ve read it.


    1. …Castaway House has really got me hooked, there are a number of mysteries going on which keeps me turning those pages. I loved The Magpies which was Mark Edwards first solo book (he normally writes with Louise Voss) so I think this will get me back in the seat of the psychological again.


  2. you have two books with excellent covers! i’m personally interested in The Sea Garden. I’ve never tried historical novel before. Maybe this one is worth a try.


  3. I am definitely feeling the vintage vibe from The Mysterious Affair at Castaway House. I have a soft spot for Art Deco 1920s font…!
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog 🙂 I am fairly new to blogging, and it is very appreciated!


    1. Imagine if objects and other items around us could talk about what they’ve witnessed over the years. And what drives a person to obsession? The human mind is complex and we still have yet to have a complete understanding of how it works.


      1. The Mysterious Affair at Castaway House is a great read on many different levels which I think I wide range of readers will enjoy. Obsession as you say is borne out of a troubled mind, one set of circumstances will cause different people to react in a totally different manner, I think this is why it is such a rich source for fiction writers.


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