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WWW Wednesday (August 20)

WWW Wednesday green

Hosted by Miz B at Should be Reading
To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…
• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?

I am currently reading Fall From Grace by Tim Weaver.

Fall From Grace


When Leonard Franks and his wife Ellie leave the clamor of London for a dream retirement on the seclusion of Dartmoor, everything seems perfect. But then the dream shatters. Late on a January afternoon, only two years into their new life, Leonard leaves the house to fetch firewood – and never returns. Nine months later, he’s still missing.
With the police investigation dead in the water, Ellie and her family turn to David Raker. Raker tracks down missing people for a living. He knows how they think. But nothing can prepare him for what he’s about to find.
Because, behind Leonard Franks’s disappearance, lies a deadly secret, buried so deep it was never meant to be found. And, by the time Raker starts to uncover the truth, it’s not just him in danger – it’s everyone he’s ever cared about . . .NetGalley

I have just finished Dear Daughter by Elizabeth Little   my review will follow soon!

Dear Daughter


‘As soon as they processed my release Noah and I hit the ground running. A change of clothes. A wig. An inconspicuous sedan. We doubled back once, twice, then drove south when we were really headed east. In San Francisco we had a girl who looked like me board a plane to Hawaii.
Oh, I thought I was so clever.
But you probably already know that I’m not.’

LA IT girl Janie Jenkins has it all. The looks, the brains, the connections. The criminal record.
Ten years ago, in a trial that transfixed America, Janie was convicted of murdering her mother. Now she’s been released on a technicality she’s determined to unravel the mystery of her mother’s last words, words that send her to a tiny town in the very back of beyond. But with the whole of America’s media on her tail, convinced she’s literally got away with murder, she has to do everything she can to throw her pursuers off the scent.
She knows she really didn’t like her mother. Could she have killed her?(less)

Next I am going to read The Secret Place by Tana French which I’m really looking forward to as this as I’ve loved all the previous books in The Dublin Murder Squad Series

The Secret Place

The photo shows a boy who was murdered a year ago.
The caption says, ‘I KNOW WHO KILLED HIM’.
Detective Stephen Moran hasn’t seen Holly Mackey since she was a nine-year-old witness to the events of Faithful Place. Now she’s sixteen and she’s shown up outside his squad room, with a photograph and a story.
Even in her exclusive boarding school, in the graceful golden world that Stephen has always longed for, bad things happen and people have secrets. The previous year, Christopher Harper, from the neighbouring boys’ school, was found murdered on the grounds. And today, in the Secret Place – the school noticeboard where girls can pin up their secrets anonymously – Holly found the card.
Solving this case could take Stephen onto the Murder squad. But to get it solved, he will have to work with Detective Antoinette Conway – tough, prickly, an outsider, everything Stephen doesn’t want in a partner. And he will have to find a way into the strange, charged, mysterious world that Holly and her three closest friends inhabit and disentangle the truth from their knot of secrets, even as he starts to suspect that the truth might be something he doesn’t want to hear. NetGalley

What are you reading this week? Please share in the comments below.


A book lover who clearly has issues as obsessed with crime despite leading a respectable life

44 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday (August 20)

      1. Cleo do correct me if I’m wrong, but was the earlier In The Woods included in the Tana French series? Dying to hear what you make of Dear Daughter – read the first few pages but found her voice somewhat irritating. But I will persevere! And of course want to know what you make of Tana French’s new one – I’ve read In The Woods and The Likeness, have Broken Harbour here, but I think that still leaves me with a couple missing. She is a real talent. I’ve got a Tim Weaver paperback somewhere but given I’ve had it a few weeks it may not be this one. Will send a link to my W..W..Wednesdays later. But you’ve a nice pile there!


        1. You’re not like Cleo, then, who practically devours books?! Wish I could read faster but I have to devour every detail! Think I’ll try and speed it up for the sake of the blog!


          1. I worked out that I average 2.5 books a week. I get through a bit more in the school holidays but now I’m going back to full-time studying I’m not really sure what will happen.


      1. I know, it’ll be all textbooks and sources from the net! I’m (hopefully, if I get a grant to cover my fees) starting a post grad course in Drug and Alcohol Studies; it’s part-time and distance learning but I want to do well so it is a commitment, time-wise. Also signed up for a short, free course through FutureLearn about Irish History 1912-23; I studied some Irish history in my Modern History Higher 20 years ago and found it v interesting. Got to keep the grey cells working!


  1. Cleo – Fall From Grace sounds absolutely terrific! I am really looking forward to your review of this, as it sounds very much like one I’d enjoy. Love the idea of the Dartmoor setting too. And the new Tana French? Can’t wait to see what you think of that!


    1. I really enjoyed Vanished by this author (book 3) so this one was a definite must have. Oh Margot, Tana French manages to concoct very different feeling tales despite each book being part of a series, I’ve loved the previous four.


  2. I loved In The Woods! Need to catch up with the rest of the series. I can’t wait to see what you think of her new one.


  3. I’ve heard great things about Dear Daughter…and I just requested The Secret Place on NetGalley. Fall from Grace sounds interesting based on the blurb as well…you certainly are on a mysteries/thrillers kick!


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