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The Liar’s Diary – Patty Francis

Psychological Thriller 2*'s
Psychological Thriller

Well I’m having a bit of a problem reviewing this book because the notes I scribbled on holiday about this one weren’t comprehensive and mainly point to the fact I found it a disappointing read. I now realise how disappointing because I am struggling to remember what happened.

Jeanne Cross is a school secretary with a teenage son, Jamie and wife of respected doctor Gavin. Despite being obese and having learning opportunities Jamie is popular and well-liked. Jeanne, by her own admission hasn’t had a friend since becoming an adult but clearly Jamie got his skills from somewhere although probably not his father, who is quite critical of Jeanne’s parenting abilities.

Ali Mather is the new music teacher at the same school, married to the most forgiving man she has not so secret affairs with at least two men in the town. One day Ali asks Jeanne for a lift to school and they become friends, despite barely talking on the first few trips and their friendship is unlike any I have seen before.
Ali’s house keeps being broken into with odd things taken but not her very expensive violin or anything else of value. Ali becomes frightened and confides in Jeanne who by this time is living the most awful life imaginable.
There are lots of twists and turns to this book, but unfortunately they all seem to lead to the same destination which I fully expected to be ‘they all woke up and it was a dream’ but no, the twist was completely unsupported by any of the facts that I’d trudged through before.

The actual underlying plot wasn’t too bad but with unbelievable characters that frankly behaved in unlikely ways I simply became disenchanted with this book.


A book lover who clearly has issues as obsessed with crime despite leading a respectable life

14 thoughts on “The Liar’s Diary – Patty Francis

  1. Sometimes we come across books which are just not written for us. You certainly have some nice books at hand to forget this disappointing story.
    Have a lovely weekend, Cleo!


  2. Cleo – Shame this book didn’t do it for you. I must say, plot twists that don’t really work, and unbelievable characters are enough to put me off too. I probably won’t be reading this one myself…


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