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That Part Was True – Deborah McKinlay

Contemporary Fiction 3*'s
Contemporary Fiction

Eve Petworth, a wealthy privileged middle-aged English woman writes a letter to American author, Jackson Cooper, after reading one of his novels.  They have a meeting of minds over food in their short missives across the Atlantic.   Both have reached a stage in their lives where they realise things have to change but neither seem to be able to work out what they need to do to achieve a more fulfilling life.

Eva leads the life unlike any middle-aged woman I have met in England she has somehow not been exposed to literature, doctors or other female advice and is seemingly unaware that her inability to take control of her life is achievable.  With no money worries or responsibilities she appears to have an enviable life which she chooses to fill with her love of cooking.

Jackson Cooper has a more realistic character despite being a popular author but as he approaches his fiftieth year he examines how shallow his life has become.  Here is a man whose wants are more nebulous and his exchanges with Eve are initially about food, although with Jackson, I got the feeling that this was far more centred on the consumption of, rather than the production of the dish.

This is a short but deceptively meaningful book which covers a number of issues. Eve needs to understand her relationships with both her daughter Izzy and her recently deceased mother Virginia. Jackson needs to work out what he really wants from life; recently divorced he is struggling to write his latest novel.

This is a gently moving story that illustrates that it is never too late to make changes to life.  I was drawn to read this book because it was written by letters but the truth is these are much shorter and say far less than I expected.  The bulk of the story is made up of Jackson and Eve’s struggles to come to terms with the changes in their separate lives.

I received a copy of this book from Amazon Vine in return for this honest review.


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