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The Wronged Sons – John Marrs

Mystery 5*'s

Twenty-five years ago Simon walks away from his family in Northamptonshire leaving his wife Catherine no clues as to what happened to him.

Split between the past and the present in the form of the confrontation between Simon and Catherine Nicholson, this is one gripping tale. We know from the blurb that Simon has been travelling the world while Catherine was left wondering what had happened to her seemingly loving husband. I was hooked right from the start with poor Catherine searching desperately with hope fading for her husband, the police and friends initially supportive until with no sign or trail to lead them to him, they reluctantly they come to the conclusion that he is probably dead.

John Marrs has plotted this book perfectly with conversation in the present, intertwined with the events in the past switching neatly at just the right time to raise the tension. Told chronologically with Simon starting at the beginning of his journey as Catherine counteracts this with the realities of her life with young children without him. It soon becomes apparent that Simon is a man who has an excuse for every action he has taken throughout their years apart, not considering for one moment that he could have made different choices.

Both Catherine and Simon shock each other with the events that have shaped their years apart and unresolved issues cause anger to bubble as Simon seeks to explain why he left and what happened while he was gone. As we inch towards the present there are many jaw-dropping moments. If you pick up this book, expect to be shocked!

This is a book that firmly deserves to be defined as a page-turner.

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