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Win a Signed Copy of A Funeral for an Owl by Jane Davis

A Funeral for an Owl

To celebrate the publication of A Funeral for an Owl, Jane Davis kindly let me interview her for my blog.  As a bonus she has now followed up that with an offer of a free signed copy of the paperback which is out now!

Open to UK readers the question is….

Who is my favourite secondary character in A Funeral for an Owl?

To enter please email me at with the answer using the subject ‘competition’. I am accepting entries until midnight 8 December 2013 when I will select the winner from my very stylish purple cloche hat and contact the winner for their address.

Purple Hat

My review

Everything changes for Jim the day he finds a pair of binoculars and picks them up. Kneeling on the back of the sofa looking out over the lamplight night from his London council flat he spots a barn owl. Using his trusty bird book for reference he begins to learn the Latin names for the birds that he spots down by the railway tracks. At the beginning of the summer holidays in 1992 Jim meets a girl near his favourite bird watching spot and the whole course of his life changes.

Set in London this story spans twenty years as the older Jim, now a teacher, reflects on his younger self to help Shamayal, but is Jim’s story strong and relevant enough to overcome the culture of the streets today?

Jane’s writing drew me in from the very first page with a school playground fight that certainly seemed only too real and believable. This fight would have consequences to all involved as Jim overstepped his boundary as a teacher to try to help Shamayal. The fact that Jim and Shamayal are both missing important people in their lives makes a deep impression on the way they act, as well as strongly influencing their hopes and dreams. Jane is one of those writers that make you really believe the story you are being told; the descriptions of places meant that I felt I was by the railway tracks, in the high-rise flat or in the school playground witnessing a fight, a true gift.

At times I found the story is heart-breaking, at others touching as the wonderful characters took up residence in my heart especially my favourite secondary character Bins. At times I was able to sympathise with each of characters, at others I wanted to shout at them but at no time did I stop caring about any of them. This to me is the true measure of a good read!

A Funeral for an Owl

If you haven’t already done you can read the interview Jane Davis.  Alternatively you can contact her using the following links

Website: where she posts interesting articles and interviews with authors
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