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Morning Frost – James Henry

Crime Fiction 4*'s
Crime Fiction

Published 7 November 2013 by Bantam Press

The year is 1982, the place Denton, England and a foot is found in a nearby field while Frost buries his wife Mary. As his colleagues and a large contingent of the Masons in attendance at the wake the criminals in Denton go on a crime spree. With no time to mourn the loss of his wife, a wife who by his own admission he hadn’t put at the top of his priorities, Frost is soon investigating a rape at a school, the shooting of a small-time crook and coming to terms with the fact that a new computer system is being installed in Denton Police Station.

This is the third prequel that James Henry has written to the brilliant R.D. Wingfield books featuring Frost. This last one takes us up to Frost at Christmas the first in the original series. James Henry does a fantastic job of recreating Frost and the writing of R.D. Wingfield, so much so that I forget that it this isn’t the original. The crimes are sufficiently bizarre enough without being unrealistic, Frost is instantly identifiable, if a little younger and the references to the England of the eighties subtly inserted. I had forgotten how Radio Rentals and Rumbelows were ubiquitous in many towns, how life before mobiles meant the police would stake out telephone boxes and that once upon a time renting a video was the height of the technological revolution.

A great read for those of us who mourn the passing of R.D. Wingfield but Frost really couldn’t have been put into a safer pair of hands.

Morning Frost: (DI Jack Frost 3)

R.D. Wingfield’s books were first published in the United Kingdom in early 1989, and in 1992 Frost first appeared on television in A Touch of Frost, played by David Jason. Wingfield was never enthusiastic about the TV adaptation of his detective, once saying he had nothing against David Jason but “he just isn’t my Frost”. Wikipedia

With three prequels written by James Henry the books in order are:

First Frost: (DI Jack Frost 1) (James Henry)
Fatal Frost: (DI Jack Frost 2) (James Henry)
Morning Frost: (DI Jack Frost 3) (James Henry)

Frost At Christmas: (DI Jack Frost Book 1) (R.D. Wingfield)
A Touch Of Frost: (DI Jack Frost Book 2)  (R.D. Wingfield)
Night Frost: (DI Jack Frost Book 3) (R.D. Wingfield)
Hard Frost: (DI Jack Frost Book 4)  (R.D. Wingfield)
Winter Frost: (DI Jack Frost Book 5) (R.D. Wingfield)
A Killing Frost: (Di Jack Frost Book 6)  (R.D. Wingfield)

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9 thoughts on “Morning Frost – James Henry

  1. My parents used to love watching the televised version of Frost but I’ve never thought about trying the novels themselves. Where would you suggest I start?


    1. I honestly don’t think it matters although the sensible place would be with the first of the ones by James Henry First Frost but as a traditionalist Frost at Christmas which was the first one R.D. Wingfield wrote. I would say the stories are all capable as being read as a stand-alone read so you might want to go for the cheapest first?


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