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Requiem (A Kate Redman Mystery) – Celina Grace

Crime Fiction 5*'s
Crime Fiction

I was thrilled that this was free to download the other day, although if you like this review and want to read it too you will have to pay for it as the deal has closed. Thank you Goodreads for alerting me to this offer!

I chose Requiem because I’d recently read and enjoyed Hushabye which introduced me to Kate Redman in her first outing as a detective.

I warmed even more to Kate while reading this. Having come from a dysfunctional family the last thing Kate needs is her brother Jay to have known her latest murder victim. Not only had Jay seen Elodie, the victim, the night she died, he’d painted a scene that looked remarkably like the murder scene.

This relatively short crime novel , 158 pages, has plenty of suspects for Kate and Olbeck to question. At the heart of the book are the questions who killed Elodie and why? In other words a classic whodunit. This book ticks all the right boxes regarding plot, red herrings along with a good mystery to solve.

I was pleased to see that the next instalment, Imago is due out on 30th September 2013.

Crime 4*


A book lover who clearly has issues as obsessed with crime despite leading a respectable life

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