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Denise Mina Books

I was soon sucked into the episode of The Field of Blood that I stumbled across on TV last week. I knew I’d read one of Denise Mina’s books and that she was on my (long) list of authors to look out for.

Having investigated further I have already reviewed The End of the Wasp Season (Alex Morrow, #2)The End of the Wasp Season by Denise Mina

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Good plot for this police procedural mixed with a psychological thriller

There is no preamble to this book, it starts with two boys entering Sarah Erroll’s house in a wealthy suburb in Glasgow, but what did they want? At the same time a notorious banker is found hanging from an oak tree in Kent, his son is sent for by the headmaster of his boarding school and told the news.

Sarah Erroll’s case is investigated by DS Alex Morrow a hardened detective who is pregnant with twins. She is determined that Sarah’s killer is found but is concerned when her boss takes charge. Alex doesn’t agree with the direction he is taking the investigation and suspects him of wanting the glory.

This book has a lot to say about police politics, family relationships and friendships, I like the fact that each character has many layers so that as you read your opinion changes about them. What I didn’t like so much was the writing. In places it really didn’t seem to make sense which did spoil my enjoyment of what could be a great book. However I enjoyed it enough to buy some of Denise Mina’s earlier work.

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I also have The Field of Blood on my kindle, as yet unread but as the program I watched appeared to be the second in the Paddy Mehan series I think maybe I should concentrate on the Alex Morrow Series…

Still Midnight (2009)
The End of the Wasp Season (2010)
Gods and Beasts (2013)
The Red Road (2013)

or read her original series of which the first Garnethill won the John Creasy Dagger for Best First Crime Novel

Garnethill (1998)
Exile (2000)
Resolution (2001)

either way that is at least 6 books I’ve added to my wish-list!!


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