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Dolly – Jasmine Sparks

Women's Fiction 3*'s
Women’s Fiction

This book tells the story of Dolly who is claimed from the orphanage at the age of fourteen by an Aunt and Uncle she doesn’t remember from her early childhood with her theatrical parents.

Starting in 1917 Wartime London before switching to Bradford this rags to riches story covers many of the relevant issues of the time; the effects of war on those who fought in them as well as those who stayed behind, the rights of women in society as well as at home as well as those issues that we all have today including what makes a successful relationship. Dolly hasn’t had the best start in life but she is a determined young woman determined to hide from the past.

I have to confess this isn’t a book I would normally choose and I did find the third person narrative a little off-putting at first. The author uses Dolly’s monologues to access her thoughts as the main device to put the reader in touch with the protagonistlead. I found the end of the book came quite suddenly with a hook which may mean this author is contemplating a sequel?

There is plenty to enjoy in this huge 575 page book with a great mixture of awful and wonderful characters which would make it perfect holiday reading for a lover of romance.

I received an ARC from the author which gave me the opportunity to read this novel and provide an unbiased review


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