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The Making of Us – Lisa Jewell

Women's Fiction 5*'s
Women’s Fiction

Realising that Lisa Jewell’s latest book ‘The House We Grew Up In’ is due to be published next month I decided to read one that I had missed out on.

Lisa Jewell’s books are great for light easy reading but with this book she manages to do so by dealing with serious issues; in this case sperm donors and the offspring they produce. Lisa Jewell always demonstrates the art of good storytelling, the sort of writer that makes you care about the characters she writes about with a solid underpinning of a good plot.

I like the story being told from different viewpoints and as the reader we meet all the important characters early on. Lydia, Dean and Robyn all have different experiences of family life, their own tragedies and unsure of where they really began. All these characters are realistically portrayed as are the others in the book.

Lisa manages to analyse family dynamics and loss in an easily accessible way making this a fantastic read.

Lisa Jewell Novels
• The house we Grew up In (2013)
• Before I Met You (2012)
• The Making Of Us (2011
• After The Party (2010)
• The Truth About Melody Browne (2009)
• 31 Dream Street (2007)
• Vince and Joy (2005
• A Friend of the Family (2004)
• One Hit Wonder (2001)
• Thirtynothing (2000)
• Ralph’s Party (1999)


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