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The Water Clock – Jim Kelly

Crime 4*'s

In the Water Clock Jim Kelly has produced a `comfortable’ crime story which implies that any murder happens out of sight with no violence…. Not true, but the style of writing and the wry sense of humour that accompanies it somehow gives a warmer feel . Philip Dryden a newspaper writer whose wife Laura in a coma drives around the fens using his personal cabbie, Humphrey Holt, gathering copy to phone through to the partially deaf copywriter at The Crow.

One of the trips leads him to a body in the boot of a car. Local policeman Andy Stubbs has something Philip Dryden wants so he investigates the murder. There are links to a robbery in 1966 on World Cup day which Dryden is determined to unpick.

This book was written over a decade ago that adds to the slightly old-fashioned feel. I loved the descriptions of the office workers at The Crow, the long memories of those who live on the Fens and the great writing. A good plot and likable characters has definitely put Jim Kelly as an author for me to read more of. I received this book through Amazon Vine.

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A book lover who clearly has issues as obsessed with crime despite leading a respectable life

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