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Who is Sarah Lawson? – K.J. Rabane

Psychological Thriller 5*'s
Psychological Thriller

Outrageous Plot that Delivers the Goods

I picked this book based upon recommendation from Amazon and I have to admit I was highly sceptical, having read the blurb, that the author could make the premise into a believable tale. I’d go as far to say I was ready to add it to the junk folder on my kindle after the first chapter. I was wrong; this is the tale of a woman who tries to enter her house only to find another family living there. Andrew Lawson tells her he is her brother and her name is Sarah Lawson, the only problem is that isn’t her name, she has no brother and her name is Rowena Shaw.

The first part is told by Rowena as she employs a loveable PI Richard Stevens and his trusty secretary, Miss Smith, to help her work out what has happened, and just as importantly to regain possession of her house. Later KJ Rabane introduces people from Rowena’s past including an artist, a gay gallery owner and an author of psychological thrillers and as a reader the fun began as I tried to piece the evidence together.

All the characters in this book are wonderful and cover the range of humans on the planet, the plot outrageous yet believable all along with an ending that doesn’t take the easy option.

I have read a lot of good books this year and this one is up there with the best of them.

Note from author: Who is Sarah Lawson is a psychological thriller encompassing the Private Detective genre. I wrote the book over a period of about two years as the plot twists needed to reworked, until I was satisfied with the result. Customer feedback has since shown me that Richie Stevens and his PA Sandy have become popular figures and I’ve been working on a future novel( Where is Robin Jaxx -Working Title) in which they will again feature in solving the case.

Taken at the FloodTaken at the Flood by k.j. rabane

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed Who is Sarah Lawson so I decided to try another one of KJ Rabane’s books.

Taken at the Flood tells the tale of Mr Hope, a founder of a computer company that is doing fantastically well. He is married to the beautiful Evelyn and together they move to River House where they plan to raise a family together. Soon after arriving they go to a dinner party and meet the neighbours, this innocuous evening is the catalyst which will change their lives forever.

This is an entertaining book with a fair few twists and turns along the way. Unfortunately there are a few typos which did intrude on my enjoyment a little but I will definitely buy more by this author.
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