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The Magpies – Mark Edwards

Psychological Thriller 5*'s
Psychological Thriller

I had my first nightmare directly relating to a book I was reading with The Magpies indicating the way that the writing gets under your skin. I’m not sure if that is a recommendation or more of a warning indicating how much of a psychological thriller this actually is!

Mark Edwards tells the tale of nightmare neighbours. Kirsty, a nurse, and Jamie, a computer expert, move into their perfect flat in London, they soon meet all the neighbours in their block of four flats and begin to make friends. All too soon things start to happen that can’t be easily explained and from there on in their lives begin to unravel. Unable to tell anyone about what’s happening they feel helpless. The characters are quite bland to begin with but as time goes on Jamie becomes more angry and shows more spirit which made me warm to him a little more.

There is a slow ratcheting up of the tension in this tale, carefully managed and quite insidious. A well written tale and on the strength of this I have added Killing Cupid & Catch Your Death Pack written by Mark Edwards and his writing partner Louise Voss to my wishlist.


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