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The Woman Before Me – Ruth Dugdall

Psychological Thriller 5*'s
Psychological Thriller

This story isn’t a typical psychological thriller. The story unfolds when Luke, Emma’s baby dies in a fire started by a cigarette at her home. Rose is arrested for the crime and she admitted she was in the house on the night of the fire.

Rose’s story unfolds in a long letter written to her partner whilst in prison and the reader is left in no doubt that her character is damaged. Alongside this we have Cate, her Probation Officer going through the evidence and talking to the parties involved trying to decide what she should write in her report to the Parole Board.

As the story is set in a prison there are other characters, all believable all with their own viewpoints.

This story is about so many different things, loss, relationships, jealousy and obsession all displayed in a measured manner.

Fantastic hope Ruth Dugdall writes more for us.


A book lover who clearly has issues as obsessed with crime despite leading a respectable life

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